Europe | 2021-10-13

Yves Rocher - Naturally Successful

Having been in business for 50 years, franchisees have a lot to be proud of.

Interviews | 2021-09-27

Japanos Survives and Thrives

- A sushi restaurant cannot operate with just two employees, but Japanos can! - says Japanos Operation Manager, Cristina El Majzoub.

Europe | 2021-09-24

Coffee on Wheels

With almost ten years in the European market, Bike Café has successfully withstood the test of time.

Europe | 2021-09-18

Pasta Conquering The World

Makarun's fresh pasta will whisk your taste buds away to Italy under a minute!

World | 2021-09-10

Taking on Petpreneurs

Husse is a global leader in high-end pet food and products. Unlike other manufacturers of pet supplies, Husse provides free delivery to your front door.

Europe | 2021-09-05

Meron brews globally

Nothing beats a well brewed cup of coffee and Meron is the place to go for your daily boost.

Franchise basics | 2021-08-23

The European Franchise Federation

The European Franchise Federation unites a network of national franchise organizations that share the same fundamental principles to promote and preserve the franchise industry.

Europe | 2021-08-19

Canadian style education in Europe

Discover how to join the booming education industry as a Maple Bear partner.

Europe | 2021-08-08

Heathy eating is no fad

The healthy eating network, Salad Box is seeking more franchise partners in Europe after a successful global expansion.

Start-up | 2021-08-05

Qjob starts search for franchisees

Qjob is an IT startup that helps people find experts for immediate tasks.

World | 2021-07-29

LOFT Jeans fit out Europe

LOFT Jeans has flourished in Turkey as a result of their creative and contemporary, but unique designs. They are now prepared to expand to Europe.

Europe | 2021-07-20

Natural empowerment with Naturhouse

Naturhouse's weight-loss method is based on a combination of diet and unique food supplements produced from natural plants and fruits.

Europe | 2021-07-19

The Makery is rethinking restaurants

Makery is the world's first DIY restaurant where cooking, not eating, is the primary attraction.

Start-up | 2021-07-13

Should You Start A Family Business?

Your family may be included in your dream of running a business. But this doesn't mean making your dream a reality will be easy.

Europe | 2021-07-01

Japanos: Cutting Through the Crisis

While many companies have suffered during COVID-19 pandemic, others have shifted their focus, enjoyed growth and achieved success. Japanos is one of them.

Franchise basics | 2021-06-28

The Top 10 Franchising Books

If you are thinking about purchasing a franchise or franchising your own company, these books are a great place to start.

The World Franchise Council
Franchise basics | 2021-06-23

The World Franchise Council: Everything You Need to Know

The World Franchise Council is the leading platform for fostering collaboration and cooperation among international franchise associations.

Interviews | 2021-06-04

Salad Box - Revolutionising Fast Food

- We’ve learned to adapt, to restructure and reinvent ourselves and be more efficient than before - says Salad Box co-founder, Radu Lupas.

Interviews | 2021-05-21

Papilonia's exotic experience

- We're confident a compelling product with a strong financial return would attract investors - says owner of Papilonia, Zbyněk Černý.

Europe | 2021-05-08

Say Cheese! Papa John's Hot Take For Franchisees

USA fast-food kingpins, Papa John’s are no strangers to expansion and innovation.