Interviews | 2021-12-15

Italian Food Leads The Way

There are plans in place for the franchisee to bring the Italian vibe to all European establishments.

Europe | 2021-12-08

Comfort In A Cup

Everything you'll need to know to get your urban soup franchise off the ground and satisfy your customers.

Interviews | 2021-11-25

Dynamic Analysis with Expense Reduction Analysts

"Franchisees can tap into this market potential with their own business with our proven business model," says Head of Development at Expense Reduction Analysts, Michał Brzemiński.

Europe | 2021-11-22

Pączkownia Stands The Test of Time

From a modest family business to an international franchise, the humble Polish doughnut shop is set to conquer the hearts of Europe.

Europe | 2021-11-17

The MBE Empire

Mail Boxes Etc. helps people and companies increase their productivity by outsourcing logistics and communication services. Starting a lucrative business may be easier than you think when MBE is...

Franchise basics | 2021-11-12

The Advantages of Mystery Shopping

Every entrepreneur must keep in mind that there is no such thing as a "second first impression". Mystery Shopping enables efficient monitoring of franchise networks to help sustain customer...

Europe | 2021-10-31

RE/MAX Grows Further

The world-class network RE/MAX has been named the number one real estate franchise for 2021.

Europe | 2021-10-27

Fitness Food Menu Rebrands

Fitness Food Menu is prepared to reinvent themselves in both domestic and foreign markets.

Europe | 2021-10-21

Stava Reaches New Heights

The gastro-courier company Stava has joined the German Franchise Association. What is the next step?

Europe | 2021-10-13

Yves Rocher - Naturally Successful

Having been in business for 50 years, franchisees have a lot to be proud of.

Interviews | 2021-09-27

Japanos Survives and Thrives

- A sushi restaurant cannot operate with just two employees, but Japanos can! - says Japanos Operation Manager, Cristina El Majzoub.

Europe | 2021-09-24

Coffee on Wheels

With almost ten years in the European market, Bike Café has successfully withstood the test of time.

Europe | 2021-09-18

Pasta Conquering The World

Makarun's fresh pasta will whisk your taste buds away to Italy under a minute!

World | 2021-09-10

Taking on Petpreneurs

Husse is a global leader in high-end pet food and products. Unlike other manufacturers of pet supplies, Husse provides free delivery to your front door.

Europe | 2021-09-05

Meron brews globally

Nothing beats a well brewed cup of coffee and Meron is the place to go for your daily boost.

Franchise basics | 2021-08-23

The European Franchise Federation

The European Franchise Federation unites a network of national franchise organizations that share the same fundamental principles to promote and preserve the franchise industry.

Europe | 2021-08-19

Canadian style education in Europe

Discover how to join the booming education industry as a Maple Bear partner.

Europe | 2021-08-08

Heathy eating is no fad

The healthy eating network, Salad Box is seeking more franchise partners in Europe after a successful global expansion.

Start-up | 2021-08-05

Qjob starts search for franchisees

Qjob is an IT startup that helps people find experts for immediate tasks.

World | 2021-07-29

LOFT Jeans fit out Europe

LOFT Jeans has flourished in Turkey as a result of their creative and contemporary, but unique designs. They are now prepared to expand to Europe.