Stava Reaches New Heights

Transforming Adversity / The demand for food delivery services is increasing as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic, which forced people to remain inside.
The gastro-courier company Stava has joined the German Franchise Association. What is the next step?

Stava is Europe's first gastro-courier and the largest gastro-courier franchise network in Poland. Their bussiness model is based on assisting restaurants and retailers in expanding their business by optimising their deliveries. Since 2014, they have been growing and adapting to the food delivery industry. Now Stava can be seen in multiple cities of all sizes and populations across Poland. As a result of their recent successes, Stava intends to continue expanding across Europe.

The business now boasts 45 franchise locations in 41 Polish cities and many additional branches in the works. The company focuses on delivering groceries and meals to clients. Because of the ever-increasing demand for food deliveries, Stava was able to capitalise on the market's expanding need and establish a new delivery channel for companies. Stava provides delivery services from shops, supermarkets, and restaurants.

According to the management board of the Stava franchise network, the company continues to generate growth. In 2020 Stava closed PLN 17 million in sales throughout the whole network (compared to PLN 8.8 million in 2019). Stava set a new revenue record in January 2021, with PLN 2 million in sales. As it expands into other locations, the business continues to grow and attract additional franchisees.

"Restaurants and stores prefer Stava because our delivery service is cheaper and more efficient than using in-house couriers," says Paweł Aksamit, Stava co-founder and president of the board.

"The Stava service is typically 20-25 percent less expensive than using your own courier and cuts the customer's waiting time by 20-30 minutes. Furthermore, the restaurant or shop owner gets a guarantee of consistent delivery and, simply put, peace of mind." Explained Mr. Aksamit.

Stava is looking for franchisees that are committed to the company's growth. Individuals with strong entrepreneurial spirits and work ethics. The network includes individuals of different ages. Some of them have prior experience working in the gastronomy and logistics industries. Although previous experience is not required, it allows franchisees to get a better understanding of the company. Stava is looking for franchisees who are not afraid of new challenges and can effectively manage relationships with colleagues and consumers.

"We are seeking business partners who want to start within the same city that they reside in. People who are willing to invest in and devote themselves to the concept," stressed Paweł.

Stava guides candidates through a multi-stage recruitment process followed by many weeks of theoretical and practical training. According to the founders, a new Stava branch can achieve profitability even with 30-60 deliveries a day.

Stava is consolidating their position in Poland while rapidly expanding its footprint in Germany. They have already joined the German Franchise Association and are actively recruiting franchisees in the country.

Stava Business Card

  • The initial investment is roughly EUR 20,000 (includes, among others: 3 vehicles, courier, and office equipment)
  • At least EUR 4,500 in capital is required.
  • Check out our in-depth Stava article for additional information.

Broad in Scope / Stava franchisees service several of the biggest clients in the food business, including McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Burger King.

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