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Ewa Kozłowska, expansion manager at Northgate Logistics / "Sometimes there are prospectors who come to us hoping that together with our franchise they will buy a job - a one-man forwarding office. However, the idea of our business is development based on building a team and acquiring new customers. This cannot be done solo."
- At the first meeting we often disprove the myth that forwarding activity requires the purchase of a fleet of trucks - says Ewa Kozłowska, Expansion Manager at Northgate Logistics.

What is the most common question you hear during franchisee candidates interviews at Northgate Logistics?

There are two main questions asked. The first and most often question asked is: "how many trucks do I need to buy?" Our candidates are pleasantly surprised when they find out the answer is none. At our first meeting, we often dispel the myth that forwarding activity requires the purchase of a fleet of trucks. It’s not required, because we deal with the organisation of transport, not the transport itself. From behind our desks, we commission transport to the whole world.

And what is the second question?

After we determine the scope of activities of the partner's office, the question arises: "where will I find clients?" When a candidate hears that our database has nearly 20,000 contacts, I can see the feeling of relief. Usually, at this point, we explain to the candidates that contact with the database is not enough, because in our business we need to build relationships with the client.

Future franchisees also often ask about the responsibilities of a Northgate Logistics partner. They want to know how they should organise the office, how many employees to hire in the first year of operation, and how many hires are suitable in subsequent years? Then it is worth making candidates aware that they should not start with an office too small, because they will need to hire new employees relatively quickly.

Are there any answers you give that disappoint candidates?

Sometimes there are prospectors who come to us hoping that together with our franchise they will buy a job - a one-man forwarding office. However, ​​our business development concept is based on building a team and acquiring new customers. This cannot be done solo. Most candidates understand and will accept this fact. 

Do your candidates want to know how much you can earn?

Of course they do! However, most candidates take a long time to ask this question. At this point, we show sales goals and explain what both sides of this business earn and what budget needs to be met to achieve specific profits. 

What does Northgate Logistics want to know about its future franchisees?

The subject of our interest during the interview with the candidate is the location of the future office, the candidate's professional and business experience and experience in team management. We also ask about the amount of capital you have and the amount of expected earnings. We also want to know if the franchisee wants to run the office alone, with a family or a partner. Finally, we ask why they chose the Northgate Logistics company, and how they learnt about our franchise.

What are the company's plans for 2023?

We focus on sustainable growth and development. We aim to open several new offices per year. This is the pace that allows for the effective implementation of new partners. As a Polish based company we are looking for partners throughout the country, but also looking for new partners inside our existing company. We are currently negotiating with several candidates from both the south and central of Poland. In the north, we are currently opening an office in Wejherowo. The Wejherowo office will be led by the first franchisee from within our own organization - who already has much experience. The opening of the facility is scheduled for this month.  


A network of forwarding offices:

  • Number of own outlets: 6
  • Number of franchise outlets: 4

New cooperation / The new franchisee owner of the Northgate Logistics office in Wejherowo, Poland, Aneta Schlomm (pictured in the middle), together with representatives of the company's headquarters.

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