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description of franchise concept

An original educational programme with Lego blocks enabling children 3-10 years old to discover the world through LEGO blocks.

Edukido includes:

  • regular after-school classes enabling to better know the world surrounding us
  • workshops for pupils and pre-schoolers adjusted to the curriculum of schools
  • thematic day camps
  • birthdays in the world of Lego blocks

company owned units


franchise units

67 in Poland, 12 in Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary and Ukraine

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information for franchisees

support for franchisees

  • preliminary training for the franchisee and his employees (including products, sales, management, instruction) in English;
  • exclusivity on a given territory;
  • a package of scenarios in English for children from 3to 8 years and additional scenarios designed for children aged from 9-12 years-continuous development and expansion;
  • website;
  • an internal platform to deliver all materials to franchisees;
  • photo database;
  • contract templates for franchisees in English;
  • a detailed operational handbook-including operational standards in terms of: promotion and sales, maintaining relations with clients, conducting classes) in English;
  • handbook for the instructor in English;
  • business consulting (sales,marketing,client service, etc.) in everyday operational tasks such as business planning, sale of services, market development;
  • everyday support of the Key Account Manager;
  • marketing support- help in planning the marketing actions at the local market;
  • constant improvement of gadgets and accessories necessary to conduct Edukido courses;
  • possibility to use a dedicated and recommended CRM system;
  • other supper to be arranged between the parties depending on the needs of the local market.

expected total investment

The total investment consist 3 parts:

  • Lego starting package approx. €3,000;
  • marketing materials  and accessories approx. €600;
  • franchise entry fee depending on the size of the franchise area (min. €2,000).

basic requirements of the concept

A perfect candidate for Edukido masterfranchisee and franchisee has experience in sales and marketing, has management and communication skills and is able to share his knowledge to work in a dispersed structure. He understands the meaning of such notions as: openness for ideas of other people, involvment, consequence in business.

He would like to reach a higher goal, but also earn some tangible money at the same time. He is characterized by: regularity and persistence necessary to build a long-term business. An experience in franchise and educational sector will be an advantage. Masterfranchisee and franchisee need to perform a good knowledge of the local market and of English.

information about franchisor

Edukido Polska sp. z o.o.

ul. Związkowa 4, 20-148 Lublin, Poland

+48 601 777 084

Contact person for candidates

Kamila Holody

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