What is a franchise?

Franchising is the methodology of business which involves a franchisor, who has an established brand and trademark, who licenses the brand name and business system to a franchisee.

The definition of franchising

​Franchising is a style of business cooperation between independent entrepreneurs. Put simply, a franchisee pays the franchisor a fee to use their brand and industry know-how.

The franchise package

A franchise package, otherwise known as a franchise license is at the heart of every franchise system. It contains the franchisors complete business concept from A to Z.

Types of franchises

Franchise systems can be broken into sub-sections for a better understanding on how they specifically operate. This includes types of business activity, system organisation or types of know-how.

International franchising

The idea of tapping into new global markets is financially appealing to any ambitious business owner.

The European Code of Ethics for Franchising

The European Franchise Federation gave itself a mission in the early 1970’s to bring clarity to the rights & obligations in a franchise contract by developing the European Code of Ethics for Franchising.

What is master franchising?

Master franchising is used to accelerate business growth in a whole new region with minimum resource commitments.

The World Franchise Council: Everything You Need to Know

The World Franchise Council is the leading platform for fostering collaboration and cooperation among international franchise associations.

The Top 10 Franchising Books

If you are thinking about purchasing a franchise or franchising your own company, these books are a great place to start.