food and beverage | 2022-01-13

Battle of the subs

The sub sandwich status quo might soon have a shake-up.

The sub sandwich status quo might soon have a shake-up.

food and beverage | 2021-12-19

EG Group doubles down with KFC

The group now operates over 220 KFC restaurants in UK and Europe, becoming the largest KFC franchisee in Western Europe.

supermarkets and grocery stores | 2021-12-16

The red beacon of travel

RELAY is the traveller’s companion that aims to make journeys as pleasant as possible.

food and beverage | 2021-12-15

Italian Food Leads The Way

There are plans in place for the franchisee to bring the Italian vibe to all European establishments.

food and beverage | 2021-12-15

Fornetti baked goods

The Fornetti Group is working to become a leader in the franchise market of frozen bakery products not only in Hungary but also in Europe.

food and beverage | 2021-12-08

A taste of the Wild West

Steiku Haoss has set the bar for Baltic steakhouses, bringing forward plans to feed Europe.

food and beverage | 2021-12-08

Comfort In A Cup

Everything you'll need to know to get your urban soup franchise off the ground and satisfy your customers.

medicines and health articles | 2021-12-03

The growing cannabis market

"Global analytics have predicted the cannabis market will multiply in the next decade," says Riccardo Ghibellini from Cbweed.

food and beverage | 2021-12-01

Grind your way to profit

Coffeeshop Company combines the traditional Viennese coffeeshop culture with the modernist coffee shop.

business services | 2021-11-25

Dynamic Analysis with Expense Reduction Analysts

"Franchisees can tap into this market potential with their own business with our proven business model," says Head of Development at Expense Reduction Analysts, Michał Brzemiński.

food and beverage | 2021-11-25

Pizza Hut expands franchises to petrol stations across the UK

​Pizza Hut and EG Group have announced a new partnership which will see eight new Pizza Hut franchises in petrol forecourt stations across the UK by the end of 2021.

food and beverage | 2021-11-22

Pączkownia Stands The Test of Time

From a modest family business to an international franchise, the humble Polish doughnut shop is set to conquer the hearts of Europe.

beauty and fitness | 2021-11-19

Look good to feel great

- Our sales have gone up well above pre-pandemic levels - says Executive Board Member of DepilConcept, Alexandre Duque Lourenço.

consumer services | 2021-11-17

The MBE Empire

Mail Boxes Etc. helps people and companies increase their productivity by outsourcing logistics and communication services. Starting a lucrative business may be easier than you think when MBE is on your side.

consumer services | 2021-11-14

Fancy a Quickwash?

This laundry company cleanly emerged from the pandemic keen to quick-wash their way around Eastern Europe.

automotive products | 2021-11-09

That new car smell

Automyčka Express (or Express Car Wash in English) is a premium car wash service that saves you time and makes you and your car feel brand new.

food and beverage | 2021-11-05

Fit and healthy ice cream

Fit Cake franchisees now have a new source of income - sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-free ice cream.

business services | 2021-11-02

Business for Breakfast

Would you like to secure a new business deal with your eggs in the morning?

real estate | 2021-10-31

RE/MAX Grows Further

The world-class network RE/MAX has been named the number one real estate franchise for 2021.