education | 2021-07-22

Coders Lab are bridging the labour gap

Our internet dependency has given rise to a whole new sector seeking skilled IT workers.

Our internet dependency has given rise to a whole new sector seeking skilled IT workers.

food and beverage | 2021-07-19

The Makery is rethinking restaurants

Makery is the world's first DIY restaurant where cooking, not eating, is the primary attraction.

travel and accommodation | 2021-07-16

Direct Booker your holiday

Direct Booker is quickly becoming a world-renowned travel brand and is one of the top 3 fastest growing companies in Croatia.

education | 2021-07-16

Join the Brazilian Soccer Schools team

Futebol de Salão is a famous indoor soccer system turning everyday kids into football superstars.

education | 2021-07-14

EDUKIDO goes abroad

"More and more parents are sending their children to additional classes to develop their imagination and creativity,” says Edukido key account developer, Joanna Małek.

World | 2021-07-12

How to earn money on YouTube!

Over one billion YouTube videos are watched around the world every single day.

food and beverage | 2021-07-09

The sugar-free revolution

How to have your fit-cake and eat it too, everyday!

food and beverage | 2021-07-08

Stava - Efficient and reliable delivery

We live in a world more reliant on home deliveries than ever before.

business services | 2021-07-02

Moving forward with Northgate Logistics

Northgate Logistics is a proven and trusted rising star in the domestic and international logistics arena.

food and beverage | 2021-07-01

Japanos: Cutting Through the Crisis

While many companies have suffered during COVID-19 pandemic, others have shifted their focus, enjoyed growth and achieved success. Japanos is one of them.

consumer services | 2021-06-29

LG Laundry Lounge - Life's looking good post covid

- We have fully equipped projects delayed by Covid just waiting to open - says Bright World Director, Mario Martinek.

business services | 2021-06-25

Signal 88 Security – Future protection

The name Signal 88 Security is synonymous with safety and protection around the world.

education | 2021-06-24

AMAKids – Mind games

AMAKids are helping children across Europe and the world reach their true potential by using ancient brain stimulation methodologies.

food and beverage | 2021-06-22

Easy Restaurants close amid pandemic pressures

The Easy Wine and Easy Beer restaurant franchise has fallen victim to the pressures of the global pandemic.

food and beverage | 2021-06-16

Ice and Roll - The 2-in-1 business

A low investment turn-key that works both ends of the seasonal spectrum.

food and beverage | 2021-06-15

Going nuts for Donuterie

This funky and fun Romanian sweet treat company is winning Europe over, one bite at a time.

food and beverage | 2021-06-11

Wendy’s returns to the UK

After 20 years out of the market, Wendy’s has made a surprise come-back to the United Kingdom.

education | 2021-06-10

Building blocks of life with Edukido

Edukido is using Lego to build up the next generation of thinkers.

food and beverage | 2021-06-04

Salad Box - Revolutionising Fast Food

- We’ve learned to adapt, to restructure and reinvent ourselves and be more efficient than before - says Salad Box co-founder, Radu Lupas.