food and beverage | 2024-05-22

Franks famous hotdogs

Franks plans expansion into the European market. How to start cooperation?

Franks plans expansion into the European market. How to start cooperation?

food and beverage | 2024-05-08

Sweet business

The Fit Cake centers around operating production and sales venues in the form of non-pastry shops, offering products made from the highest quality ingredients - says Rafał Kościuk, Owner of FIT CAKE

consumer services | 2024-04-30

The pet industry

Discover unique pet businesses reshaping the industry.

Europe | 2024-04-26

Franchise models

Franchising in Central and Eastern Europe presents diverse financial models, from classic franchises to deposit-based systems, reshaping entrepreneurial opportunities in the region.

beauty and fitness | 2024-04-24

Comprehensive beauty services

Martelle is a beauty network that provides a complete range of services.

Europe | 2024-04-19

Potential risks in franchising

Exploring several key risks associated with franchising, such as financial liabilities, operational challenges, and brand reputation concerns.

education | 2024-04-16

Franchise Edu3Dcation

Explore Edu3Dcation franchise opportunities, offering innovative 3D experiences for children.

Europe | 2024-04-12

Starting a franchise business

Embarking on franchising offers entrepreneurs exciting chances to expand brands into new markets. How to effectively start franchise business?

consumer services | 2024-04-09

Hopp business franchise

Our franchsiees are usually operationally cash-positive from day one and pay off the initial scooter investment in under 20 months - says Eyþór Máni, CEO at Hopp

Europe | 2024-04-03

Strategic advantages of franchising

Franchising fosters efficient expansion, utilizing local expertise for growth and brand visibility in diverse markets.

Europe | 2024-03-29

Recap of Franchise Expo Paris

The Franchise Expo Paris 2024 has ended. What was at the expo?

Europe | 2024-03-27

Summary of the Trade Fair at PGE Narodowy

The Warsaw spring Franchise Fair has ended. Read a short report on the event.

house and garden | 2024-03-13

The power tool experts

Dnipro-M is a dynamic chain of stores specializing in power tools, expanding through the franchise model. What sets it apart from the competition?

Europe | 2024-03-12

Franchise Fair at the PGE Narodowy Stadium

Join us at Franchise Expo 2024! Explore diverse franchise opportunities on March 15th-16th at PGE Narodowy Stadium.

consulting and bookkeeping | 2024-03-05

Franchise success, powered by safety

Workplace safety and fire protection are crucial aspects of operating within companies. What is the Exteria Market franchise specialized in?

Europe | 2024-03-01

A practical guide to franchising

Ready to uncover the keys to franchise success? Dive into practical guide for potential entrepreneurs.

fashion | 2024-02-27

The Evolution of LOFT Jeans

LOFT Jeans, like other fashion brands, is focused on growth. What makes its franchise plans unusual, and how can they benefit its partners?

Europe | 2024-02-23

Exploring new business at PGE Narodowy

Discover new business ventures at Franchise Expo 2024! Join us on March 15th-16th at PGE Narodowy Stadium for a diverse array of franchise opportunities.

Europe | 2024-02-20

7 facts about franchising

Franchising is a business model in which the franchisor grants the franchisee a license to use a recognizable brand. Is it a profitable business idea?