Europe | 2023-01-13

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Europe | 2022-12-02

Vodafone's partner strategy

Be your own boss of up to three Vodafone-branded stores.

Europe | 2022-11-29

Teaching kids brick by brick

Brick by Brick brings STEM to life with Lego.

Europe | 2022-11-28

Top up your battery

Charge Point keeps you connected on the move.

Europe | 2022-11-23

KFC opens a themed London pub

Order fried chicken to your table during the FIFA world cup.

Europe | 2022-11-08

Burgers in bloom

The vegan burger franchise inspired by the flower power movement.

Europe | 2022-10-28

Paul Bakery's first UK franchise

Paul has secured their first franchise partner in their UK market expansion.

Europe | 2022-10-18

The company building self-confident kids

STEMCHIK is a pre-school educational network using LEGO to develop the brain though STEM.

Europe | 2022-09-23

The secret of Miss Millie’s chicken

The KFC spin off expands in the UK.

Europe | 2022-09-22

Fun coding courses and camps

At Logiscool, students learn to code by building their favourite type of computer games.

Europe | 2022-09-07

Innovative language teaching

Ukrainian children are becoming native English speakers with LaLa English.

Europe | 2022-09-02

Burger King's master deal for Poland

The new master franchise deal will see the development of 200 new state-of-the-art stores.

Europe | 2022-08-29

The "keys" to working from home

The Pass the Keys Franchise is a new approach to property management.

Europe | 2022-08-21

"Better chicken" comes for Europe

Slim Chickens is the latest “better chicken” fast-casual restaurant brand to jump the Atlantic.

Europe | 2022-08-17

The 20 minute workout

How to get fit without breaking a sweat.

Europe | 2022-08-15

Ukrainian beauty

Martelle Studio is an international beauty chain with a full range of services.

Europe | 2022-08-03

McDonald's raises price of cheeseburger after 14 years

The McDonald's 99p cheeseburger is no more.

Europe | 2022-07-31

Time to get inked?

​Cartridge World considers every household and business as a potential client.

Europe | 2022-07-27

Esport giant arrives in UK

Valhallan wants you to train the next generation of esport athletes in your area.