World | 2022-01-13

Battle of the subs

The sub sandwich status quo might soon have a shake-up.

The sub sandwich status quo might soon have a shake-up.

World | 2021-12-01

Grind your way to profit

Coffeeshop Company combines the traditional Viennese coffeeshop culture with the modernist coffee shop.

World | 2021-09-10

Taking on Petpreneurs

Husse is a global leader in high-end pet food and products. Unlike other manufacturers of pet supplies, Husse provides free delivery to your front door.

World | 2021-08-26

Cofix the low-cost café

This Israeli cut-rate café chain started as a fierce competitor to Starbucks. Now, after maturing in their current markets, they are looking to expand once again.

World | 2021-08-18

Pizza Hut of the future

After a low performing 2020, Pizza Hut jumps out of the blocks to do business.

World | 2021-08-17

Children’s education grown organically

Helen Doron proves she's still the one to beat.

World | 2021-08-09

The fight to be King

Staying one of the worlds biggest brands is no easy task.

World | 2021-08-04

Real estate giants eager to sell

Etagi, one of the largest real estate companies in the world is currently on a franchise drive.

World | 2021-07-30

Save with Expense Reduction Analysts

Expense Reduction Analysts have 29 years of experience helping companies optimise their expenses while helping their partners earn.

World | 2021-07-29

LOFT Jeans fit out Europe

LOFT Jeans has flourished in Turkey as a result of their creative and contemporary, but unique designs. They are now prepared to expand to Europe.

World | 2021-07-16

Join the Brazilian Soccer Schools team

Futebol de Salão is a famous indoor soccer system turning everyday kids into football superstars.

World | 2021-06-11

Wendy’s returns to the UK

After 20 years out of the market, Wendy’s has made a surprise come-back to the United Kingdom.

World | 2021-04-13

Paris and Warsaw Franchise Expo's Update

The two biggest international trade fairs in Europe have confirmed their return in 2021 following Covid-19 disruptions last year.