Aquababies' submersive model

33 years in the game / Not only were Aquababies pioneers in baby swimming lessons in the UK, but they were also invited to create the first structured baby swim schools in China.
Aquababies Global trains you how to run your own successful swim school.

Did you know that all babies are born with the natural ability to hold their breath underwater? This is known as the “mammalian diving response.” This natural reflex is not something we should rely on when it comes to the safety of our children.

Aquababies offers a holistic approach to water based education and safety. Their baby swimming lessons help to develop strength, stamina and agility. Through correct training, babies can learn to respect and love the water, happily swimming above and under the surface.

Recent statistics show that nearly 500 babies drown each year, often in very shallow water. That’s why this Aussie swim company has designed swimming classes to educate not only the child but the parent too. The ultimate goal of Aquababies is to teach swimming so that babies will be water-safe. This means that an Aquababies child will learn to find the safety of the poolside unaided.

Aquababies CEO, Julie-Ann James, is the pioneer of multi-layered baby swimming franchises which have been in operation since 1990. Julie-Ann was invited to open the first baby swim school in China in 2009 and has consulted in over 10 countries.

“My journey is unique,” said James. “From a young child training four hours a day to become a competitive swimmer, instilled life-long values, commitment, dedication, and the drive to succeed. My passion for swimming grew as I travelled the world researching the health benefits of swimming for parent and child.”

“Arriving in the UK as a backpacker, I took a risk and started Aquababies on my own. My business grew from three pools to 40 in three years.”

“Then I left the UK to expand globally. Creating a business that families really benefit from gives you a sense of purpose. I am sincerely grateful to find my vocation in life,” she said.

The Aquababies franchise family has expanded to 30 units in 10 countries, which demonstrates their adaptable success. In fact, many of the leading companies of swim education in the UK stemmed from Aquababies’ foundations and rolling business model. According to Aquababies Global website, satisfied customers over the year have included: Robin van Persie, Thierry Henry, Tony Blair, Jack Dee, Ruby Wax, Dido, Pat Cash and many more.

By joining a global franchise operated by a well-known and trusted brand, you’ll benefit from on-going support whilst having the freedom and independence to be your very own business owner.

The franchise pack includes the Aquababies successful, extensive lesson plans that are not only created for the benefit of the parent and child but provides a rolling business model whereby parents rebook from one stage to another. The baby swimming lessons develop strength, stamina and agility. Through correct training babies can learn to respect and love the water, happily swimming above and under the water.

Aquababies Global will supply you with their renowned lesson plans for all age groups from pre-school, children and adults, including beginners to intermediate, with additional parental lesson plans if needed. All Aquababies teachers will shadow programmes and attend intensive Aquababies teaching courses, as well as following a detailed comprehensive teacher’s pack.

Aquababies Global is open to franchisees around the world who want to make a difference both in their own lives and for the lives of people in their communities.


30 units / 10 countries 

  • Australia x 1
  • China x 1
  • Northern Cyprus x 3
  • Republic of Cyprus x 1
  • Indonesia x 1
  • Jordon x 1
  • Thailand x 4
  • Turkey x 11
  • Spain x 1
  • United Kingdom x 6


  • Complete Action Plan: Effortlessly set up your own baby, toddler pre-school-swimming programs. Aquababies give you their proven structured lesson plans for several different levels thus creating a rolling self-perpetuating business model which guarantees success.
  • Marketing Model Creation: Access to their own marketing material pictures advertising marketing strategy Manual.
  • Extensive and detailed operations manual: The Magic Manual of their own proven system that shows you how, where, and why, and covers everything you need to achieve profitability with your own Baby & Toddler swimming company.
  • New Venue Proposals and Execution Strategies – The precise actions you’ll need to approach new venues with confidence. Includes references (dating back to 1990) and detailed figures outlining the potential profitable revenue for any venue.
  • Personalised Customer Support Website – Because they want you to succeed. They know that you will have questions, concerns and more. They consider all of their franchisees to be part of their growing “family” of trainers and want to support you all the way.
  • Online booking system which will help your administration run smoothly.


Aquababies has the most cost-effective packages globally with a small purchase price and minimal on-going fees. There are four different franchise packages which can all be adjusted to the franchisee.

Packages start from:

  • Bronze package: £15,000
  • Silver package: £25,000 - PABA license included
  • Gold package: £50,000 -including your own bespoke pool
  • Platinum Master Franchise package: £150,000 (depending on the country and demographic area)

Contract length: 5 years / with option to renew after those 5 years.

Early education is key to water safety / All Aquababies teachers will shadow programmes and attend intensive Aquababies teaching courses, as well as following a detailed comprehensive teacher’s pack.