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Adam Braksator

Adam Braksator is an internationally published journalist and communications expert based in London, UK. Adam has an educational background in journalism and law, and has also studied entrepreneurship at Bond University, Australia. Adam has gone on to strategise new media solutions for businesses around the world. Adam now joins Franchising's European hub to bring you the latest stories about the EU market.

Europe | 2021-09-24

A decent franchise

The Chipas restaurant concept has achieved a cult like status in Sarajevo – a restaurant that aims for “quality at the best price”.

Lifestyle | 2021-09-17

Charles Pfizer & Co.

How an immigrant with an idea became a pharmaceutical giant.

Europe | 2021-09-06

A clean and easy business model

Mr Jeff is an innovative, profitable and easy to manage franchise model. It operates in dozens of countries and is looking for partners in Europe.

Europe | 2021-08-27

Under control with Orkin

Did you know that there are more than twenty-eight species of small animals that regularly threaten homes?

World | 2021-08-26

Cofix the low-cost café

This Israeli cut-rate café chain started as a fierce competitor to Starbucks. Now, after maturing in their current markets, they are looking to expand once again.

Interviews | 2021-08-25

How to prepare your franchise company for foreign expansion

Franchise consultant and PROFIT systems director, Michał Wiśniewski gives us his expert advice on what steps franchisors should take to expand their business internationally.

World | 2021-08-18

Pizza Hut of the future

After a low performing 2020, Pizza Hut jumps out of the blocks to do business.

World | 2021-08-17

Children’s education grown organically

Helen Doron proves she's still the one to beat.

Lifestyle | 2021-08-16

What are famous business minds investing in?

How have the super wealthy made their fortunes and where are the business savvy putting their money?

Europe | 2021-08-12

Doing it better with Intermarché

With more than 50 years in the business, Intermarché is a truly European retail superpower.

World | 2021-08-09

The fight to be King

Staying one of the worlds biggest brands is no easy task.

Interviews | 2021-08-06

Coding Giant's global footprints

- The technology we teach has helped the world through the pandemic - says Coding Giants Sales & Marketing Manager, Bartosz Jakubowski.

World | 2021-08-04

Real estate giants eager to sell

Etagi, one of the largest real estate companies in the world is currently on a franchise drive.

Business ideas | 2021-08-03

The hemp renaissance

Once taboo, will this highly-industrious and sustainable plant change the way we live?

World | 2021-07-30

Save with Expense Reduction Analysts

Expense Reduction Analysts have 29 years of experience helping companies optimise their expenses while helping their partners earn.

Lifestyle | 2021-07-28

Hobbies of the rich and successful

What do famous business people do in their spare time?

Europe | 2021-07-27

Find your radiance with Depil Concept

Your skin is the reflection of your inner and outer well-being. Looking out your skin is Depil Concept.

Tips for franchisors | 2021-07-26

How to maintain company standards

Thanks to mystery shopping, we can effectively monitor customer service and quality standards across our franchise networks.

Europe | 2021-07-22

Coders Lab are bridging the labour gap

Our internet dependency has given rise to a whole new sector seeking skilled IT workers.

Celebrities in business | 2021-07-20

Celebrities with franchises

Franchising is becoming increasingly popular with celebs as they put their notoriety into a low-risk, hands-off business investment earning high gains.