Interviews | 2022-09-16

Online business safe haven

- Our model is not dependent on the supply chain, energy prices or raw materials. Nor does it require a large investment - says Sebastian Wachowski, President of

- Our model is not dependent on the supply chain, energy prices or raw materials. Nor does it require a large investment - says Sebastian Wachowski, President of

Interviews | 2022-08-09

Math matters

- Through franchising it was possible to successfully build a career, both in management and in the educational part of the business - says Sarah Vuković, Master Franchisee of Kid Genius, Croatia.

Interviews | 2022-07-21

Integrated 3D learning

- The company has found itself in the right place at the right time - says Arkadiusz Markowski, Owner and Founder of Edu3Dcation.

Interviews | 2022-07-15

Netting growth and experience

Stefano Petrović, Owner of the Fish Delish concept reveals what he expects from their new Zagreb location and in what direction further development will take place.

Interviews | 2022-06-17

Translating business

- Today, we actively operate in eight foreign markets and have established franchises in four different countries - says Jože Prelec, Owner of K&J Translation.

Interviews | 2022-05-31

The bubble tea craze

- I want to see Crazy Bubble as a pan-European brand in 5 years' time - says Jakub Woźniczka, Franchise Manager of Crazy Bubble.

Interviews | 2022-05-06

Empower talents, overcome weaknesses

Verbatoria centres tests children's, teen and adult's talents using their own brainwaves.

Interviews | 2022-04-29

The Ice and Roll life

- I am convinced this company's potential is very high - says Ionuț Balotescu, one of the newest franchise entrepreneurs of Ice and Roll.

Interviews | 2022-03-31

Conquering with cutlery

- We are now entering a process towards globalisation - says General Manager of Jumbo, Sami Hotak.

Interviews | 2022-03-01

Importing beans, exporting results

- If you want to be the best, you have to have all the best knowledge and practice - says Managing Partner and Head of Business Development for Meron, Crina Ciocian.

Interviews | 2022-02-06

The flavours of Turkey

- We are one of the largest franchised food companies in Turkey today - says Chairman of Bursa Kebab House, Cem Helvacı.

Interviews | 2021-12-30

Fit out with Coccodrillo

- People are more willing to use online shopping due to the convenience and the longer opportunity to return goods - says Coccodrillo’s Marketing Manager, Paulina Żaczyk.

Interviews | 2021-12-15

Italian Food Leads The Way

There are plans in place for the franchisee to bring the Italian vibe to all European establishments.

Interviews | 2021-12-03

The growing cannabis market

"Global analytics have predicted the cannabis market will multiply in the next decade," says Riccardo Ghibellini from Cbweed.

Interviews | 2021-11-25

Dynamic Analysis with Expense Reduction Analysts

"Franchisees can tap into this market potential with their own business with our proven business model," says Head of Development at Expense Reduction Analysts, Michał Brzemiński.

Interviews | 2021-11-19

Look good to feel great

- Our sales have gone up well above pre-pandemic levels - says Executive Board Member of DepilConcept, Alexandre Duque Lourenço.

Interviews | 2021-10-15

Coming to a town near you

- This is a once in a hundred-year work revolution - says Franchise Director CEE at IWG plc, Michal Dorszewski.

Interviews | 2021-09-27

Japanos Survives and Thrives

- A sushi restaurant cannot operate with just two employees, but Japanos can! - says Japanos Operation Manager, Cristina El Majzoub.

Interviews | 2021-08-25

How to prepare your franchise company for foreign expansion

Franchise consultant and PROFIT systems director, Michał Wiśniewski gives us his expert advice on what steps franchisors should take to expand their business internationally.