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Fırat Durmaz, Director of Sales in Yargici / „In our search for new franchises, we are exploring opportunities in even more diverse location”.
– We accompany franchisees in all stages of work, from feasibility preparation to negotiation processes in leasing – says Fırat Durmaz, Director of Sales & Business Development Yargici.

How do you assess the current state and development of the fashion industry worldwide, and what role does YARGICI play in this context?

The fashion industry, as always, is undergoing constant change and development. In Turkey, as in the rest of the world, we are fulfilling our responsibilities, particularly by using environmentally friendly materials and incorporating recycled clothing, with a strong emphasis on respecting nature.

In the franchise concept description, you mention celebrating curiosity. Which aspects of creativity and exploration are particularly important for YARGICI?

Creativity is primarily reflected in our textile products, featuring specially designed fabrics, along with coordinating jewelry items. Additionally, we breathe life into our collections through home and garden furniture, as well as home accessory models. Each customer and their unique home, garden, and furniture provide us with distinct opportunities for exploration

Why were specific countries chosen, such as Azerbaijan, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon, for opening franchise units? What factors  influence the choice of locations?

Our unique collection, entirely designed by our in-house team, appeal to a wide range of diverse geographies. As YARGICI, we support women at all levels, from our central employees to our stores and even prospective investors. Therefore, in our search for new franchises, we are exploring opportunities in even more diverse location.

How does the company maintain relationships with franchisees, and what benefits arise from this collaboration?

We are constantly by the side of our investors at every stage, from order placement to store opening, staff recruitment, and training in visual presentation and sales skills. We maintain continuous support losely monitoring with all our teams, as if it were our own store, not just belonging to the investor. Strong communication facilitates strong collaboration in every aspect.

What specific support does the company offer to new franchisees, especially concerning locations, time, and costs?

We accompany franchisees in all stages of work, from feasibility preparation to negotiation processes in leasing. We are aware that the profit margin applied by our company is quite advantageous according to market conditions, providing significant support in terms of profitability

What are the estimated costs for decorating stores abroad, and does the company provide detailed information regarding investments?

Our average investment cost is $550 - $650 USD per square meter. Since the architectural project is drawn by our own architect, prospective investors can learn the closest estimated investment amount after finding a suitable store location.

How are stores aligned with the corporate identity and retail operations of the brand, and what does it mean to be "approved by YARGICI"?

To ensure a consistent appearance with all Yargıcı stores worldwide, all architectural and construction processes, from the color tones of the ceramic used on the floor to the furniture covering materials and even the models of spot lighting to be used, progress under the supervision and control of Yargıcı's relevant department managers

Can you provide examples of experiences from franchisees in different countries? What challenges and successes can be observed?

Our collection structure is composed of color stories, which we refer to as CS, for each season. We narrate a theme with 14 or 16 color stories for each season. Given the design of our products and the character of the Yargıcı Woman, we present a warmer visual in line with warm colors and countries with a warm climate. Therefore, we achieve significant success in countries with a warm and long summer season, and for the winter collection, we have set development goals for ourselves.

What are the company's plans for YARGICI's development through the franchise system in the next five years?

Over the past 3 years, we have been present in holiday destinations with our 'Yargıcı Beachworks' concept, offering shopping opportunities in smaller spaces on streets and in hotels. Additionally, we believe that with the introduction of the 'Yargıcı Essentials' brand, where we will open the first store in 2024, featuring a store concept for Women's and Men's shoes, bags, and accessories, we will achieve rapid growth in the next 5 years. This not only provides a new business opportunity for women's clothing investors but also offers a fresh opportunity for investors interested in shoes and men's clothing.


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Average investment cost is $550 - $650 per square meter

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By Agnieszka Bąbik


Approved by Yargici / Department managers oversee all architectural and construction processes, including floor ceramic colors, furniture materials, and spot lighting models

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