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Pause Jeans / Pause Jeans outlets growing the business
PAUSE JEANS has been around since 1999 and is one of the best known sportswear brands in Bulgaria which is now spreading its wings on the international stage.

Pause Jeans serves in the B2C space in the retail and consumer goods market segments. The top competitors to the Pause Jeans brand are the Italian Gucci and from the US, American Eagle Outfitters and PVH Corp.

The brand currently has more than ten designers creating its fashion products which are available all over the globe. They are made from high quality materials which are sourced from Italy. Innovation and sexappeal are the key hallmarks of the brand, giving its clients their own style of dress to suit both metropolitan and provincial lifestyles. The company has nine stores in Bulgaria and Romania, 2 warehouses and 43 franchised stores in Bulgaria. 

New fashions

As economies around the world began lifting restrictions in 2021 after enduring the pandemic’s devastation, the fashion industry benefited from a burst of pent-up consumer demand, despite some challenges remaining, like supply chain disruptions. Global industry revenues in 2021 grew 21 percent year on year, while the average EBITA margin close to doubled, growing 6 percentage points. The industry continued its strong performance in early 2022, with 13 percent revenue growth in the first half of the year.

Consumers are increasingly shopping across gender categories, and brands that can adapt their merchandising strategies accordingly will be able to strengthen their relationships with a wider range of consumers.Gender-fluid fashion is gaining greater traction amid changing consumer attitudes towards gender identity and expression. 

Formal attire is taking on new definitions as shoppers rethink how they dress for work, weddings and other special occasions. While offices and events will likely become more casual, special occasions may be dominated by statement-making outfits that consumers rent or buy to stand out when they do decide to dress up.

Pausing for thought over a fashion  franchise

The brand offers its franchisees exclusive rights to sell its products and use its trademark in an agreed territory. It also provides training in marketing, advertising and sales for the franchisee’s staff. There is also assistance over the design and furnishing of the franchisee’s stores.

The amount that needs to be invested is between 50,000 and 75,000 Euro. The company is looking for potential franchisees who have experience in the trade and in the region of operation. 

The company offers its franchisees exclusive rights to sell goods under the Pause Jeans and Negative trademarks. The franchise has exclusive rights of delivery to the franchisee of products under the Pause mark for the duration of the contract. Pause Jeans also delivers marketing, advertising and sales training to the franchisee's employees. 

In addition the franchise supervises the design, furnishing and supplies of the franchisee's chosen shop premises. The franchise produces for the franchisee a general concept and strategy for marketing and, on request, may send its specialists to assist with implementation. 

Pause Jeans / Pause Jeans with its own fashion brands

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