Diverse sparks fashion franchise growth

International cooperation / For 2024 I have a plan to find business partners and open a network of Diverse stores in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary
In the world of fashion, Diverse stands out, offering unique franchises. Is it easy to become their franchisee?

Diverse, founded in 1993, is a well-known brand in the Polish fashion market. It focuses on creating comfortable, high-quality, and stylish clothing for active individuals. Diverse boasts 149 franchise stores in Poland. Expanding its footprint, the brand has established 9 stores in Ukraine and 4 in Belarus. Moreover, Diverse engages in wholesale trade in Germany, Estonia, Greece, and the Czech Republic, contributing to its widespread presence and influence in the fashion industry.

Diverse franchise system

The system operates on traditional franchising principles, binding the licensee and the licensor through a franchising agreement that encompasses the transfer of know-how, overseeing the transformation and renovation of the premises, as well as the initiation and ongoing operational activities.

Diverse brand stores function based on the highest standards of sales, ensuring efficient operations and imparting a distinctive character to each establishment. These outlets receive comprehensive sales support, operational guidance, and assistance in promotional activities.

The company, ETOS, takes meticulous care of the visual appeal of franchised stores, their visualization, and the proper utilization of retail space. The Diverse franchising system operates on the principles of master franchising. The franchising offer is tailored for entrepreneurial individuals whose goal is to achieve success through the proven standards and experience provided by Diverse.

The path of cooperation

Diverse offers an enticing array of benefits within its franchising system, making it an appealing choice for potential partners. Here's a breakdown of what Diverse provides and why becoming a partner is a valuable opportunity:

  1. Delayed payment structure - Partners benefit from a unique delayed payment system, allowing a deferment of payment for the first shipment by six months. Subsequent shipments are then paid at a three-month interval, providing financial flexibility for franchisees.
  2. Customized store design - Diverse goes the extra mile by assigning its interior designers to create a unique project for each store. This ensures that every outlet reflects an individualized and aesthetically pleasing ambiance, contributing to a distinctive brand identity.
  3. Flexible pricing - Partners have the autonomy to set prices according to their preferences. This flexibility enables them to adapt to local market conditions and cater to the specific needs and expectations of their customer base.
  4. Individual sales setup - Recognizing the diverse nature of markets and customer behaviors, Diverse allows partners to set up sales strategies individually. This tailored approach enables partners to respond effectively to the unique demands of their respective locations.
  5. Comprehensive marketing support - Partners gain full access to a rich repository of marketing materials. This includes promotional content, branding assets, and advertising collateral, empowering partners to execute effective marketing campaigns and enhance brand visibility.
  6. Dedicated support teams - Diverse provides full support through its Visual Marketing and Regional Managers. These dedicated professionals assist partners in optimizing visual merchandising and provide guidance on regional strategies, ensuring a cohesive and successful brand presence.
  7. B2B platform access - Partners enjoy exclusive access to the B2B platform, facilitating streamlined business-to-business transactions. This platform enhances efficiency in ordering processes and fosters seamless communication between partners and the brand.

Diverse franchising system offers a blend of financial flexibility, creative freedom, and comprehensive support, making it an attractive proposition for entrepreneurial individuals seeking success within the proven framework and experience that Diverse provides.

Requirements for a potential franchisee

A potential franchisee must have sales experience and knowledge of the retail market, experience in the apparel industry is not required.

Great spots for diverse franchise stores include popular locations like shopping malls and main streets in city centers. The required total area of a franchise store ranges from 150 square meters, adjusting to the size of the city and the attractiveness of the chosen location.

Applicants should have the necessary licenses to trade in the selected premises and be financially prepared to adapt and equip the store according to ETOS standards. I have no license and initial fees. The cost to the franchisee is the cost of renting the premises, renovation, furniture, personals, stocking the store.

Necessary qualities of potential partners include reliability, strong motivation, a positive outlook on the future and a willingness to engage in a business partnership with a reputable collaborator such as ETOS.

Development plans

Olga Nosko says, "In 2024, the strategic plan is to establish business partnerships and expand the Diverse retail network into the markets of Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary. The expansion is aimed at capitalizing on emerging opportunities in these regions, reaching diverse consumer markets and establishing a strong brand presence. The goal is to create a network of Diverse stores that will meet the unique preferences and requirements of customers in each of these countries, contributing to the global growth and success of the brand."

About Diverse

  • No license and initial fees
  • The cost to the franchisee is the cost of renting the premises, renovation, furniture, personnel, and stocking the store
  • 149 franchise stores in Poland
  • 9 stores in Ukraine and 4 in Belarus

No license and initial fees / The cost to the franchisee is the cost of renting the premises, renovation, furniture, personnel, and stocking the store

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