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Agnieszka Bąbik

Agnieszka Bąbik is an experienced journalist with a solid education obtained at journalism studies in Warsaw. Her extensive skill set encompasses not only the broad field of legal issues but also matters related to government administration. Agnieszka has acquired both practical and theoretical knowledge, making her an excellent specialist in analyzing and presenting information from these areas. 

Her passion for journalism is coupled with the ability to analyze and convey complex issues in a understandable manner for a wide audience. After years of success in journalism, Agnieszka has decided to broaden her horizons and join the Franchising team. Her decision stems from an interest in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship and a desire to explore the field of franchising. 

In the Franchising team, Agnieszka plans to leverage her rich experience in legal and government journalism to provide readers with the latest information and analyses regarding the franchise market in Poland and Europe. Her contribution to making legal issues understandable and her ability to create coherent narratives will make her an excellent source of knowledge for those interested in the world of business and entrepreneurship. 

Europe | 2024-04-16

Franchise Edu3Dcation

Explore Edu3Dcation franchise opportunities, offering innovative 3D experiences for children.

Europe | 2024-04-12

Starting a franchise business

Embarking on franchising offers entrepreneurs exciting chances to expand brands into new markets. How to effectively start franchise business?

Interviews | 2024-04-09

Hopp business franchise

Our franchsiees are usually operationally cash-positive from day one and pay off the initial scooter investment in under 20 months - says Eyþór Máni, CEO at Hopp

Europe | 2024-04-03

Strategic advantages of franchising

Franchising fosters efficient expansion, utilizing local expertise for growth and brand visibility in diverse markets.

Europe | 2024-03-29

Recap of Franchise Expo Paris

The Franchise Expo Paris 2024 has ended. What was at the expo?

Europe | 2024-03-27

Summary of the Trade Fair at PGE Narodowy

The Warsaw spring Franchise Fair has ended. Read a short report on the event.

Europe | 2024-03-13

The power tool experts

Dnipro-M is a dynamic chain of stores specializing in power tools, expanding through the franchise model. What sets it apart from the competition?

Europe | 2024-03-12

Franchise Fair at the PGE Narodowy Stadium

Join us at Franchise Expo 2024! Explore diverse franchise opportunities on March 15th-16th at PGE Narodowy Stadium.

Europe | 2024-03-05

Franchise success, powered by safety

Workplace safety and fire protection are crucial aspects of operating within companies. What is the Exteria Market franchise specialized in?

Europe | 2024-03-01

A practical guide to franchising

Ready to uncover the keys to franchise success? Dive into practical guide for potential entrepreneurs.

Europe | 2024-02-27

The Evolution of LOFT Jeans

LOFT Jeans, like other fashion brands, is focused on growth. What makes its franchise plans unusual, and how can they benefit its partners?

Europe | 2024-02-23

Exploring new business at PGE Narodowy

Discover new business ventures at Franchise Expo 2024! Join us on March 15th-16th at PGE Narodowy Stadium for a diverse array of franchise opportunities.

Europe | 2024-02-20

7 facts about franchising

Franchising is a business model in which the franchisor grants the franchisee a license to use a recognizable brand. Is it a profitable business idea?

Europe | 2024-02-16

Budapest Franchise Expo 2024

Secure success at Budapest Franchise Expo on April 4th 2024. Explore dynamic opportunities, network with industry leaders.

Europe | 2024-02-13

Journey of freshness and innovation

This Czech brand has delighted with fresh juices, smoothies, ice cream, salads, and more. With 80+ locations across five European countries, it's a flavorful experience for all.

Interviews | 2024-02-09

Programming courses on the rise

Coders Lab's franchise concept is highly adaptable to the unique characteristics and educational preferences of each country it operates in – says Grzegorz Morawski, managing director at Coders...

Europe | 2024-02-06

Diverse sparks fashion franchise growth

In the world of fashion, Diverse stands out, offering unique franchises. Is it easy to become their franchisee?

Europe | 2024-02-02

Baking success across borders

Emerging from a quaint Lviv Croissants to 170+ location. What's the secret to their widespread success?

Europe | 2024-01-30

Franchise Expo Paris 2024

From March 16 to 18, 2024, Paris will host the Franchise Expo Paris 2024, the world's leading franchising event.

Europe | 2024-01-26

Sweet success story

La Donuteria renowned for crafting, handmade donuts. Is this sweet business lucrative?