Business ideas for summer

Seasonal business / By tapping into the seasonal demand and leveraging your skills and interests, you can create a profitable and enjoyable business venture.
Summer is a season that brings ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to kickstart new ventures. What is the best business for summer?

With warmer weather, longer days, and an increased appetite for leisure activities, the demand for seasonal services and products spikes. For budding business owners, the summer season presents a fertile ground for experimenting with new ideas and tapping into the market's temporary needs. 

Ice cream 

One of the most popular summer businesses is selling ice cream and cold beverages. Setting up a stand in a busy park, near a beach, or at local events can attract a steady stream of customers. With relatively low startup costs and the option to operate from a cart or kiosk, this business is accessible for beginners. Offering unique flavors or incorporating local ingredients can set your stand apart from competitors.

Outdoor fitness classes

The summer months are perfect for fitness enthusiasts who prefer exercising outdoors. Aspiring entrepreneurs with a background in fitness can organize group classes such as yoga, Pilates, or boot camps in parks or community spaces. These classes can be marketed through social media, local bulletin boards, and partnerships with local health clubs. Offering early morning or late evening sessions can cater to those looking to avoid the midday heat.

Event planning and coordination

Summer is a peak time for weddings, festivals, and corporate events. If you have a knack for organization and a creative flair, starting an event planning business could be a lucrative option. Beginners can start small by planning events for friends and family, gradually building a portfolio. Collaborating with local vendors such as caterers, photographers, and decorators can help streamline the process and provide clients with comprehensive service packages.

Lawn care and landscaping services

Many homeowners seek assistance with maintaining their lawns and gardens during the summer. Offering services such as mowing, planting, and general landscaping can fill this need. This business requires basic gardening tools and knowledge, making it an ideal option for those who enjoy working outdoors. Building a loyal customer base can lead to repeat business and referrals.

Water sports 

With summer heat, many people flock to lakes, rivers, and beaches for water activities. Starting a business that rents out equipment for kayaking, paddleboarding, or jet skiing can be highly lucrative. Additionally, offering lessons for beginners in these activities can provide an extra stream of revenue. Ensure you have the necessary permits and safety equipment to run this type of business.

Mobile car wash 

In the summer, people often want their vehicles to be clean and shiny. A mobile car wash and detailing service allows the service to be delivered directly to customers' homes or workplaces. This convenience can be an important selling point. With basic equipment and a reliable vehicle, you can start this business with a relatively low initial investment.

Summer camp for kids

Parents often look for engaging activities to keep their children occupied during summer vacation. Organizing a summer camp that offers various activities such as sports, arts and crafts, and educational programs can be a great business idea. Depending on your skills and resources, you can run day camps or overnight camps, catering to different age groups and interests.

Mobile food truck

Food trucks have become increasingly popular, especially during the summer when people spend more time outdoors. Offering a unique and appealing menu can draw crowds at parks, beaches, and events. The mobility of a food truck allows you to reach different locations and tap into various customer bases. Ensure you follow local regulations and obtain the necessary permits to operate.

Pet sitting and dog walking

Many people travel during the summer and need someone to take care of their pets. Providing pet sitting and dog walking services can be a simple yet rewarding business. Building a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy can help you gain regular clients. Offering additional services such as pet grooming can also increase your revenue.

Starting a summer business offers a unique chance for aspiring entrepreneurs to dip their toes into the world of business with relatively low risk and investment. Whether it's cooling down the public with delicious treats, getting people moving with fitness classes, or enhancing summer events, the possibilities are abundant. By tapping into the seasonal demand and leveraging your skills and interests, you can create a profitable and enjoyable business venture. 


Ice cream / One of the most popular summer businesses is selling ice cream and cold beverages.

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