International franchising

The idea of tapping into new global markets is financially appealing to any ambitious business owner.

Chick-fil-A sets sights on Europe

The fast-food restaurant chains $1 billion international expansion plan

Starting a franchise business

Embarking on franchising offers entrepreneurs exciting chances to expand brands into new markets. How to effectively start franchise business?

How to earn money on YouTube!

Over one billion YouTube videos are watched around the world every single day.

Franchise Edu3Dcation

Explore Edu3Dcation franchise opportunities, offering innovative 3D experiences for children.

Fornetti baked goods

The Fornetti Group is working to become a leader in the franchise market of frozen bakery products not only in Hungary but also in Europe.

Hopp business franchise

Our franchsiees are usually operationally cash-positive from day one and pay off the initial scooter investment in under 20 months - says Eyþór Máni, CEO at Hopp

The franchise package

A franchise package, otherwise known as a franchise license is at the heart of every franchise system. It contains the franchisors complete business concept from A to Z.

What is master franchising?

Master franchising is used to accelerate business growth in a whole new region with minimum resource commitments.

Franchise regulations in the EU (and other European countries)

Thinking of franchising in the European Union? Find out exactly who regulates franchising in the world’s biggest single market.

Snap-on to this business

Snap-on Tools is the world’s number one professional tool brand.

A practical guide to franchising

Ready to uncover the keys to franchise success? Dive into practical guide for potential entrepreneurs.

Types of franchises

Franchise systems can be broken into sub-sections for a better understanding on how they specifically operate. This includes types of business activity, system organisation or types of know-how.

The Top 10 Franchising Books

If you are thinking about purchasing a franchise or franchising your own company, these books are a great place to start.

Recap of Franchise Expo Paris

The Franchise Expo Paris 2024 has ended. What was at the expo?

McDonald’s closes stores in Bosnia

The fast-food giant cancelled Bosnia and Herzegovina's franchise licence after a string of scandals.

Franchising Amsterdam's cannabis trade

Cannabis Store Amsterdam is the first truly worldwide franchise totally dedicated to the cannabis industry.

Doing it better with Intermarché

With more than 50 years in the business, Intermarché is a truly European retail superpower.

Strategic advantages of franchising

Franchising fosters efficient expansion, utilizing local expertise for growth and brand visibility in diverse markets.

The European Code of Ethics for Franchising

The European Franchise Federation gave itself a mission in the early 1970’s to bring clarity to the rights & obligations in a franchise contract by developing the European Code of Ethics for Franchising.

Comfort In A Cup

Everything you'll need to know to get your urban soup franchise off the ground and satisfy your customers.

Summary of the Trade Fair at PGE Narodowy

The Warsaw spring Franchise Fair has ended. Read a short report on the event.

Disadvantages of buying a franchise

Before entering into a business, future franchisees' should consider the disadvantages that come with signing a franchising arrangement.

Franchise success, powered by safety

Workplace safety and fire protection are crucial aspects of operating within companies. What is the Exteria Market franchise specialized in?

The power tool experts

Dnipro-M is a dynamic chain of stores specializing in power tools, expanding through the franchise model. What sets it apart from the competition?

Yves Rocher - Naturally Successful

Having been in business for 50 years, franchisees have a lot to be proud of.

7 facts about franchising

Franchising is a business model in which the franchisor grants the franchisee a license to use a recognizable brand. Is it a profitable business idea?

Franchise Fair at the PGE Narodowy Stadium

Join us at Franchise Expo 2024! Explore diverse franchise opportunities on March 15th-16th at PGE Narodowy Stadium.

The Evolution of LOFT Jeans

LOFT Jeans, like other fashion brands, is focused on growth. What makes its franchise plans unusual, and how can they benefit its partners?

A spot of Bubble Tea

From the far East to Eastern Europe – Bubble tea is here to stay.