The European Code of Ethics for Franchising

The European Franchise Federation gave itself a mission in the early 1970’s to bring clarity to the rights & obligations in a franchise contract by developing the European Code of Ethics for Franchising.

Join the Brazilian Soccer Schools team

Futebol de Salão is a famous indoor soccer system turning everyday kids into football superstars.

Shape up with Studio Figura

Want to keep your waist slim and your wallet fat?

Franchise regulations in the EU (and other European countries)

Thinking of franchising in the European Union? Find out exactly who regulates franchising in the world’s biggest single market.

The Makery is rethinking restaurants

Makery is the world's first DIY restaurant where cooking, not eating, is the primary attraction.

Celebrities with franchises

Franchising is becoming increasingly popular with celebs as they put their notoriety into a low-risk, hands-off business investment earning high gains.

Little Caesars is hot and ready for Europe

Pizza! Pizza! From a single store to a global chain – Little Caesars Pizza is a true franchise success story that still delivers today.

The World Franchise Council: Everything You Need to Know

The World Franchise Council is the leading platform for fostering collaboration and cooperation among international franchise associations.

LG Laundry Lounge - Life's looking good post covid

- We have fully equipped projects delayed by Covid just waiting to open - says Bright World Director, Mario Martinek.

Going nuts for Donuterie

This funky and fun Romanian sweet treat company is winning Europe over, one bite at a time.

Coders Lab - Pandemic proofing

- Our centres are somewhat pandemic proof - says Coders Lab IT School Franchise Manager, Grzegorz Morawski.

Natural empowerment with Naturhouse

Naturhouse's weight-loss method is based on a combination of diet and unique food supplements produced from natural plants and fruits.

Coders Lab are bridging the labour gap

Our internet dependency has given rise to a whole new sector seeking skilled IT workers.

Salad Box - Revolutionising Fast Food

- We’ve learned to adapt, to restructure and reinvent ourselves and be more efficient than before - says Salad Box co-founder, Radu Lupas.

How to maintain company standards

Thanks to mystery shopping, we can effectively monitor customer service and quality standards across our franchise networks.

EDUKIDO goes abroad

"More and more parents are sending their children to additional classes to develop their imagination and creativity,” says Edukido key account developer, Joanna Małek.

Wendy’s returns to the UK

After 20 years out of the market, Wendy’s has made a surprise come-back to the United Kingdom.

Direct Booker your holiday

Direct Booker is quickly becoming a world-renowned travel brand and is one of the top 3 fastest growing companies in Croatia.

Ice and Roll - The 2-in-1 business

A low investment turn-key that works both ends of the seasonal spectrum.

A touch of the Museum of Senses

Museum of Senses is an edutainment flyer that emerged out of Prague in late 2017.

International Workplace Group - The future is now

The pandemic has forever changed the way we work and do business. Could this really be the next big thing?

Say Cheese! Papa John's Hot Take For Franchisees

USA fast-food kingpins, Papa John’s are no strangers to expansion and innovation.

Papilonia's exotic experience

- We're confident a compelling product with a strong financial return would attract investors - says owner of Papilonia, Zbyněk Černý.

Young Engineers - Building a brighter future

- If you know how to think, you can do many things - says Young Engineers founder, Amir Asor.

The sugar-free revolution

How to have your fit-cake and eat it too, everyday!

Moving forward with Northgate Logistics

Northgate Logistics is a proven and trusted rising star in the domestic and international logistics arena.

Building blocks of life with Edukido

Edukido is using Lego to build up the next generation of thinkers.

Types of franchises

Franchise systems can be broken into sub-sections for a better understanding on how they specifically operate. This includes types of business activity, system organisation or types of know-how.

Easy Restaurants close amid pandemic pressures

The Easy Wine and Easy Beer restaurant franchise has fallen victim to the pressures of the global pandemic.

Stava - Efficient and reliable delivery

We live in a world more reliant on home deliveries than ever before.