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Support system / Joining Edukido provides structured support and eliminates the need to create a business model from scratch.
An original educational programme with Lego blocks enabling children to discover the world through LEGO blocks.

At Edukido, the aim is to demonstrate to children how the world operates using Lego bricks. The goal is to shift children's focus away from screens and monitors, recognizing the overwhelming stimulus from electronic devices. Edukido aims to assist children in developing small motor skills, fostering creativity, and nurturing imagination. 

-We want kids to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills using different types of Lego blocks and having various construction tasks to solve put in front of them - said Kamila Hołody, Key Account in Edukido.

Edukido can be found in Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, and Ukraine. In the Polish market, the company operates in nearly 180 cities and municipalities. In Hungary, Edukido has 2 locations, in Croatia 7 locations, in Macedonia 2 locations, and in Ukraine, one branch operates in Lviv.

How to become a franchisee

To become a franchisee with Edukido, a potential candidate must have a communicative level of English, as all communication, materials, and scenarios are shared in English. The candidate should possess good communication skills, a positive attitude towards working with children, and a willingness to conduct an educational business and establish long-term relationships. If these basic requirements are met, discussions about opening a new branch can commence. 

A comprehensive support system 

Joining Edukido provides structured support and eliminates the need to create a business model from scratch. During initial discussions, guidance is provided on selecting the area of activity, evaluating its potential, and identifying key employee competences. After signing the agreement, initial training is conducted, and access to know-how, scenarios, marketing materials, social media profiles, email, e-shop, and Edukido Base is granted.

Edukido also shares all necessary materials with its franchisees, including scenarios, operational manuals, instructions, and graphic materials. Territorial exclusivity is granted, ensuring that once an agreement is signed with a franchisee, the area cannot be sold to another client, and no other Edukido franchisees can operate within the same area.

Support continues with day-to-day operations through an assigned customer service specialist available via email, phone, or online. Franchisees can also connect with others in the network for experience exchange. An Annual Franchisees Meeting offers further opportunities for discussion, sharing ideas, and planning development.

Flexibility and autonomy with Edukido

The franchisee will have the flexibility to decide on the types of classes to conduct, the pricing of classes in the local market, whether to hire instructors or work alone, whether to have an educational center, and the time and amount of work they want to dedicate to the Edukido business. Some franchisees work full days, others only in the mornings or afternoons, and some organize workshops or birthday parties on weekends. This flexibility allows Edukido to be tailored to meet the needs of each franchisee and the market in which they wish to operate.

Edukido franchisees are responsible for conducting classes using provided scenarios and know-how, organizing and selling classes in their designated area, and conducting demo classes for potential clients. They must provide customer service and maintain standards as per initial training. If hiring instructors, franchisees must organize and monitor their work to ensure adherence to Edukido standards.

Franchise opportunities with Edukido

According to Kamila Hołody - The financial commitment required to join the Edukido franchise network varies depending on the type and size of the franchise area, which is verified with the client during the initial discussions. The offer includes an entry fee, a starting package of LEGO® blocks and other materials, and monthly fees for conducting specific modules of the classes after the commencement of Edukido activities. The entry fee starts at approximately 1,600 EUR, the cost of the starting package of LEGO® blocks and materials is 3,700 EUR, and the monthly fees start at 50 EUR per month. 

From the commencement of Edukido activities (after implementation and initial training), the franchisee pays monthly fees for the specific modules they have decided to conduct. The monthly fees start from 50 EUR per month for the Regular classes module. Additionally, the franchisee can opt for extra modules such as birthday parties, workshops, or day camps, which incur additional monthly fees. Importantly, these monthly fees are stable and do not increase with the growth of the franchisee's business. Edukido does not charge a percentage of revenue, nor does it impose minimum client numbers or minimum numbers of classes. This provides the franchisee with significant freedom and ensures they are not burdened with higher fees as their business grows and becomes more profitable.

Gateway to educational entrepreneurship

Revenue potential depends on the size of the area, the franchisee's commitment, and the types of classes offered. The average fee for a month of regular classes per child is about EUR 35-40. For example, running 10 groups of regular classes monthly with 8 children per group results in a monthly revenue of 2,800 to 3,200 EUR. Additionally, workshops can generate about EUR 90-100 per hour for a group of 20-25 participants.

Edukido has recently signed agreements for expansion into Hungary and added two new branches in Poland. Immediate plans involve training and onboarding new clients. Talks are ongoing with potential clients in Poland, Slovakia, and Romania for future expansions. Croatia's Edukido network is growing rapidly, with nine new branches slated to open in September. Additionally, the company is focused on developing new class scenarios and graphic materials to enhance Edukido's promotion across various markets.

About Edukido


  • Entry fee: approximately 1,600 EUR

  • Starting package (LEGO® blocks and materials): 3,700 EUR

  • Monthly fees: start at 50 EUR per month


  • Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia and Ukraine

Financial commitment / The entry fee starts at approximately 1,600 EUR, the cost of the starting package of LEGO® blocks and materials is 3,700 EUR, and the monthly fees start at 50 EUR per month.

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