Maple Bear, one of the largest education franchises in the world
Europe | 2023-06-09

Canadian education wave in Europe

Maple Bear schools have been springing up all over the globe, taking advantage of the reputation and methodology of the Canadian education model.

Europe | 2023-06-06

NASA style fitness

NASA Strong is a fitness and health franchise which helps deal with back problems and combats osteoporosis.

Abakus mental arithmetic a good number for an education business
Europe | 2023-05-30

Turning counting into business

Abacus Europe is a franchise which is counting on turning mental arithmetic education into a thriving business.

Leonidas chocolates are always a welcome gift
Europe | 2023-05-18

Leonidas is chocolate royalty

Confiserie Leonidas is a family owned company of 110 years standing which has now morphed into a major Belgian chocolate franchise right across the globe.

Europe | 2023-05-12

Young Engineers fit for a Prince

WIlliam the Prince of Wales loved Young Engineers and their approach to instilling passion for engineering.

Olympic medalist Dawid Kubacki (center) and his team mates at Jump Planet in Nowy Targ
Europe | 2023-05-09

Trampoline to franchise success

Jump Planet is a franchise positioned to take advantage of the growing family recreation market while offering facilities for training to sportsmen like the Polish ski jumpers.

Interviews | 2023-05-05

Friendly Fire: The Generation Z Game

Founder of “Friendly Fire” David Cosir says that his franchise is for both investors and enthusiasts, even though it services mainly the young

OMV expanding in Central and Eastern Europe
Europe | 2023-05-04

Austrian fuel giant increases income

Austrian company OMV which has close to four thousand gas stations in Central and Eastern Europe has reported higher than forecast core income in April.

Europe | 2023-05-02

Taking away the pain of hair removal

Depilconcept is a fast growing brand offering salons for painless hair removal with its own brand of cosmetics

Europe | 2023-04-24

Security for specialists and clients

Qjob is a platform which matches specialists for doing jobs around the house with potential clients giving both sides a feeling of security

Europe | 2023-04-24

Natural beauty from Ukraine

Fit for Face is a franchise from Ukraine that has migrated to Poland. It's for those who believe in natural beaurty care rather than surgery and a franchise that depends on getting and training...

Salad Box
Europe | 2023-04-17

Salad days from Romania

“Salad Box” is a franchise delivering fresh food fast without losing the commitment to quality, looking for franchisees who share its passion for sustainable and healthy eating

Interviews | 2023-04-17

Bike Cafe goes Baltic

The Bike Cafe franchise is expanding to the Baltic States. We asked Michał Mołdrzyk, the sales manager about the plans.

Europe | 2023-04-07

A sign of more recreational times

The market for recreational activities is growing, offering opportunities for franchising . This growing market has been joined by “Museum of Senses”

Europe | 2023-03-24

Bike Cafe, a business for all seasons

Bike Cafe is expanding to the Baltic states. It’s an outdoor concept that can work in all climates.

Europe | 2023-03-19

Franchise Expo Paris kicks off with a new look and feel

The Franchise Expo Paris 2023 is the leading business event for franchise entrepreneurs in Europe. It is an event of the French Franchise Federation which is forecast to attract more than 30,000...

Europe | 2023-03-17

Edukido: the antidote to kids fixating on mobile devices and screens

Kids playing with their smartphones. An everyday and routine sight. Edukido is helping children to see other dimensions of learning and discovering the world.