Interviews | 2023-11-07

Young Engineers: a franchise on a mission

"Anyone who recognizes the beauty of our educational mission is qualified to be a Young Engineers franchisee," says the founder of this American educational concept, Amir Asor.

Haircut Express in action
Europe | 2023-11-02

Haircuts without the hassle of appointments

Haircut Express is what the company name says. A chain of hairdressers offering haircutting services quickly without the need for making appointments.

Ukrainoczka for a taste of Ukraine abroad
Europe | 2023-10-04

A taste of the East

Ukrainoczka is a chain of food stores that has been around since 2017, cashing in on the migration from the east and increasing interest and demand for food from Eastern Europe.

Pause Jeans
Europe | 2023-09-12

Sportswear from sunny Bulgaria

PAUSE JEANS has been around since 1999 and is one of the best known sportswear brands in Bulgaria which is now spreading its wings on the international stage.

Interviews | 2023-08-31

Business with prospects talked to Radosław Kulesza about the Polish “Giganci Programowania”, an education franchise which develops young people’s programming skills.

Europe | 2023-08-24

‘Hopp’ on board the zero emission road

The electric scooter mobility provider Hopp has made carbon neutral and convenient urban travel its mission and attracts potential franchisees with its 80 proc. financing offer.

Interviews | 2023-08-09

Advertising campaign for free

“EXTRA SERVICES” is the only removals franchise network offering a free advertising campaign to its franchisees, says its CEO Radek Straka.

Puri traditional Georgian food
Europe | 2023-08-03

Bread from Georgia on the mind

The Georgian bakery chain Puri shows that tradition and modernity can complement each other and provide a successful business mix.

Europe | 2023-08-01

A franchise to beat the bulge

Body Creator is positioning itself as a weight loss program that relies on natural methods rather than drugs.

Europe | 2023-07-28

Nailing down a business on the run

Nail Factory was a business idea that came out of a personal need of the owner. If you can't have the service you want you better provided it yourself.

Rafał Kościuk, Fit Cake co-founder
Interviews | 2023-07-26

Grow the business, cut the calories talked to Rafał Kościuk, the co-founder of “Fit Cake” about the franchise’s expansion across Europe.

World | 2023-07-20

Chocolate and coffee in Bangkok

Chocafe is a Czech franchise inspired by Belgian chocolate which has opened up an outlet in Bangkok.

Europe | 2023-07-18

Edukido’s roadshow gets it clients

The educational franchise Edukido has held information events in Hungary and Romania which have yielded results in the shape of new franchises.

Interviews | 2023-07-14

A franchise in real estate is real added value

WGN is a real estate franchise with wide horizons on international markets, says Leszek Michniak in answer to questions on the franchise’s international expansion.

Europe | 2023-07-11

Weed for medicinal purposes

The production of cannabis can be legal as there are products containing it and Cbweed is a business from Italy which is franchising this market.

Europe | 2023-07-07

Everything stops for… bubble tea

Crazy Bubble is cashing in on the bubble tea craze with the young flocking to its approach.

The founders of Fit Cake : Rafał Kościuk and Ewelina Choińska
Europe | 2023-07-04

Having their cake and eating it without sugar

Polish Fit Cake brand is expanding internationally offering a franchise that’s capitalizing on a fast growing sugar free market.

Interviews | 2023-06-30

Passion for chocolate and business

The Leonidas Belgian chocolate franchise is looking to expand and is looking for franchisees with a real passion for chocolate and head for business, says Philippe Seigle.

Europe | 2023-06-28

Franchise offering 1 year trial

“Extra services” is the only removals franchise network in the EU offering a 1 year trial ‘partnership’ period, a sign of great confidence in its offer.

Europe | 2023-06-15

A secure way into the real estate market

WGN is the biggest real estate franchise in Poland which offers a route into the real estate agents market which helps starters avoid the pitfalls in this challenging market.