Everything stops for… bubble tea

Crazy Bubble team / Crazy Bubble is a fast growing bubble tea franchise in Poland.
Crazy Bubble is cashing in on the bubble tea craze with the young flocking to its approach.

It’s not just the English who are mad about tea. From Taiwan originates the Bubble tea craze that is sweeping the globe. Europe is just the latest stop on it’s inexorable march towards a business nirvana and Crazy Bubble is its prime exponent. 

Going Taiwanese

Crazy Bubble, a company which arrived in Poland in 2012, has gone all in on the Taiwan originated craze that has become the drink of choice for young people. It’s the biggest bubble tea chain in Poland with other 130 stores in shopping centers, entertainment hubs, town centers and high streets. It is constantly updating and expanding its range of flavors and types of drinks available for customers. 

Bubble tea is a tea-based drink which is mixed together with milk style products or juices, creating a unique blend of exciting flavours. A range of bubble toppings are then famously added to the drink; including, chewy tapioca pears and flavoured jellies. When assembled, the drink is shaken, sealed and served with a big (eco-friendly) straw.

The future belongs to the young

There is also a cultural element in the concept. Young people are often interested in the culture of the east.These people are often interested in the culture of the East. There are songs and videos in social media about Bubble Tea, and the hashtag #bubbletea on Instagram has almost 3 million posts. Social media is also useful for demonstrating visually the products on offer and the diversity of the types of drinks on offer. 

According to Jakub Wozniczka the franchise manager of the brand the selling point of this franchise brand is an individual approach to customers, low investment costs and high quality produce imported directly from Taiwan. He sees the Crazy Bubble brand becoming pan-European within five years.

All this despite the fact that Wozniczka admits that the beginnings of the enterprise were not at all easy as the product was unknown in Europe. This meant that a lot of work had to be done on adjusting the tasting, promotion and marketing. Then came the pandemic which slowed development. But now that the pandemic is over growth is expected to return to its pre-pandemic trajectory. Early indications on the market are that this is indeed happening. 

Crazy Bubble are very flexible with regard to who can be their franchisee. Several of them are owners of their first business. Others have many other businesses and see the brand as a good investment. Commitment and good organization are a key to succeeding, feels Wożniczka. 

The bulle tea market is fizzing

The global bubble tea market size was USD 2.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to register a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9% from 2020 to 2027. Rising consumption of tea and coffee as nootropic drinks among students and working-class population is a key factor for the market growth. Moreover, zero fat and low calorie contents of such beverages are propelling the demand further. The rising popularity of various kinds of hot beverages is also likely to boost the demand for bubble tea, thereby augmenting the market growth. In addition, health experts recommend that moderate consumption of such drinks boosts concentration and improves brain function.


 130  in Poland, Romania, Lithuania and Montenegro

Franchise support

  • tried and tested business model

  • Support from designated manager

  • know-how and marketing,

  • brak opłaty licencyjnej, stała opłata franczyzowa,

  • training for management and staff

  • High quality product imported directly from Taiwan

Franchise requirements

  • Entry cost options  999 PLN, 5999 PLN and 70,000 PLN 

  • 700 PLN monthly franchise fee

  • No licensing fees

  • Commitment

  • Experience or aptitude for owning own business

Jakub Wozniczka, franchise manager of the Crazy Bubble / "The selling point of this franchise brand is an individual approach to customers, low investment costs and high quality produce imported directly from Taiwan".

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