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Donuterie is about sharing the coolness one bite at a time, with sweet friends all the time.

We opened the first Donuterie store, in 2014, in Târgu Mureş. We always wanted a work place that we would hold dearly and that would bring us the challenge to be better. We tested recipes in the kitchen for months on end, different ingredients, and different toppings until, one day, we got what we wanted: puffy pastry, creamy insides and a unique taste. Now we experiment with topping, fillings, frostings, dough mixtures, seasonal recipes and sprinkles. Consumers can order regular size donuts or minidonuts if they want to impress someone with bite-size happiness. In stores can also be found an ouch-hot! or oooh-cold! selection of drinks.

Donuterie is a place for friends and their craziness; it’s the dessert next to the coffee, the good part of a beginning, middle and end of the day, the reason for posting, Instagramming, snapping and getting that perfect selfie. Donuterie donuts are just like you: eager to grow, ambitious for more cream, and ready to rumble!

Call us naive but we believe in happy sweet never-ending possibilities of growth. We created the first real donut shop from the Romanian market. We are the pioneers of this market niche and the core for all the local donuts consumers. We operate in street shops, malls and also shop productions or separate locations.

Teenagers love our products, but they are also enjoyed by: fun lovin’ adults, life lovin’ grandparents, cool uncles, awesome aunts, any lovin’ children and of course amazing parents.

To become a Donuterie franchisee, there are 5 steps to follow:

  • STEP 1: Making contact with potential franchisee through application form, application analysis and real life meetings and discussions.
  • STEP 2: Signing the agreement and preliminary documents – at this moment, following the signing of the confidentiality agreement and after paying the business plan fee, we will provide the franchisee with the first pieces of information that will lay the foundation for the Donuterie franchise. This fee is refunded later upon plan completion.
  • STEP 3: Create the Business Plan, which means that based on the information provided by us, the franchisee will have a period of time (decided by mutual agreement) to complete his/her business plan. During this period, the fracnhisee will have the support of a consultant.
  • STEP 4: We review the business plan and make the final selection.
  • STEP 5: Sign the franchise contract and start the implementation process. From now on we are partners and the franchisee will be offered all the support and guidance needed.  

company owned units

17 own in Romania

franchise units

6 in France, 4 in Belgium and 1 in UK

photo of a unit
information for franchisees

support for franchisees

The franchisee will be offered:

  • support in site selection and shop design;
  • operating manual comprised of: manager manual, employee manual, franchise manual;
  • marketing procedures branding manual;
  • ongoing management support;
  • ongoing audit system;
  • software system: Sales, Production, Planning and Data Analyzer, Administration;
  • before opening and ongoing training.
  • guidance with recipes;
  • business management know-how sharings;
  • access to our suppliers network.

expected total investment

Investment level: 35-45.000 Euros depending on the surface and if the area disposes of a table area dedicated to our restaurant (the investment comprises of all costs connected to furnishing and starting-up costs).

basic requirements of the concept

Experience in the HORECA field (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) is not mandatory, but the franchisee is expected to take on an en expansion plan in targeted city depending on the area`s potential. Knowing how to regard the local market and purchase habits is an advantage. Location type: commercial spaces, street shops in pedestrian areas.

The franchisee has to have entrepeneurship skills, team coordination and organization abilities and to be client oriented.

The franchisee also must keep in mind the fact that the franchise will be in need of 100% involvement in day-to-day business management.

information about franchisor

Donuterie SRL

Romania, Cluj County, Cluj-Napoca, Baciului Street, No. 80

+40 740 247 722

Contact person for candidates

Dan Gabriel Olteanu

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