Journey of freshness and innovation

Original recipes / The brand's success is synonymous with culinary innovation
This Czech brand has delighted with fresh juices, smoothies, ice cream, salads, and more. With 80+ locations across five European countries, it's a flavorful experience for all.


Fruitisimo - tasting the vibrancy

Fruitisimo, a Czech company founded in 2003, has garnered attention for its diverse range of products, including fresh fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, handmade scoop ice cream, salads, healthy breakfasts, snacks, and expertly brewed coffee. Operating in five European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, and Austria), the brand has grown to over 80 locations in Central Europe.

Fruitisimo stands out for its emphasis on quality, freshness, and customer experience. The brand has developed original recipes, built a strong identity over two decades, and established a solid presence in the European market. With a focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and offering a diverse product range, Fruitisimo aims to meet the growing demand for its offerings.

The secret to success

The success of Fruitisimo is attributed to a passionate team, an innovative approach, and a commitment to customer happiness. Over its 20-year history, the company has expanded its product range, entered new markets, and built a robust franchise network. Fruitisimo's dedication to people, both customers and franchisees, has created a community that values not just the products but also the overall experience of living what they love.

Grow with Fruitisimo - the franchise advantage

Becoming a Fruitisimo franchisee comes with a host of benefits. The franchise offers a proven, healthy, and fresh product range with a growing demand. Franchisees benefit from the strength of a well-established brand, over two decades of experience, and robust marketing support. Economic, cash register, and personnel systems provided by Fruitisimo significantly simplify business operations. With various store formats available, including kiosks, units, and BistroCafés, the flexibility to adapt to specific locality needs is a key advantage. Franchisees also enjoy the backing of an experienced franchisor and mobile solutions for sales in recreational and tourist locations.

Franchisee requirements

Prospective franchisees should possess enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, alignment with Fruitisimo's strategy and philosophy, organizational skills, a willingness to learn new procedures, and sufficient capital. The initial investment, including an entry/license fee, ranges from CZK 200,000 to CZK 250,000, depending on the format. Additional requirements include a rental deposit, a franchise fee (fixed or progressive), and a marketing fee. The total investment varies based on location, construction readiness, and landlord requirements, ranging from CZK 850,000 to CZK 1.3 million, with a minimum of 30% own capital required. The franchise agreement has a duration of five years.

About Fruitisimo

Personal investment: from 200,000 CZK to 250,000 CZK

Total investment: from 1,1 million CZK


Fruitisimo anniversary / The company celebrated its 20th birthday

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