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Our Belief
Food is life. Make it good

Our Story
It is often said that business and friendship don’t mix. Well, we think they do.

Our Business Concept
We do not propose a diet, but rather a healthy alternative to fast food. The food itself, as well as the serving experience, is meant to inspire creativity so that the customer can see the entire ‘behind the scenes’ process.More importantly, the customer has the possibility to prepare his own salad, by choosing the ingredients and combining them in order to make a personalized and enjoyable lunch.

Our Manifesto
We believe in FRESH FOOD
Our secret ingredient IS PASSION
We leave a healthy FOODPRINT ON YOUR LIFE

Our Products

We don’t deliver fast food, we deliver fresh food in a fast way. We developed a product range that consists of unlimited combinations of salad recipes, cream soups, refreshments and deserts, and we are expanding it as we speak. When it comes to international expansion, the product range will be adapted to the local food culture, while still keeping the same value proposition.

company owned units

7 in Romania

franchise units

66 in Romania, Hungary, France, Malta, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Algeria

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information for franchisees

support for franchisees

Salad Box provides initial and ongoing support for your franchise. This includes: operations, new product development&quality, marketing&PR, training/human resources, supply chain, financial, technical as well as management and business strategy.


  • Pre - opening consultancy
  • Intermediation of the inquiries between the franchisee and the support departments
  • Establishing  deadlines for implementation of the inquiry according to GANTT
  • Weekly meetings
  • Partner visit


  • Training owner/manager
  • Training employees/opening suport
  • 2D Plan-initial proposal (changes to original proposed plan)
  • 3D renderings (constructions plans)
  • Detailed plans for furniture
  • Professional consultancy for construction process
  • Investment estimate
  • Measurments of location
  • Product orders
  • Shipment organised and picking
  • Technical assistance - before opening

On-going support:

  • Current product portofolio
  • Specifications and details for products
  • Operations manual including recepies & workers quide
  • Online digital material
  • Design and production of restaurant opening marketing materials
  • Social media opening package
  • Market research
  • Marketing Mix Proposal
  • Email addresses
  • Domain acquisition
  • Website creation

Each new deal and location opening is driven by a personalised Gant Chart, where final responsabilities are clearly allocated and splited.

expected total investment

€70.000 - €150.000 depending on location

basic requirements of the concept

A highly successful franchisees should have, but not necessarily: 

  • leadership skills, including the ability to inspire, motivate and channel people towards a common goal,
  • communication skills,
  • the ability of complying to systems and processes, following the procedures,
  • highly self-motivated and inner directe,
  • perseverance,
  • the love for healty food and the willingness to learn all about it.

information about franchisor

SC Salad Box International SRL

Avram Iancu 506-508, Floresti 407280, judet Cluj, Romania


Contact person for candidates

Radu Lupas

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