Heathy eating is no fad

Healthy future / In today's fast-paced world, Salad Box provides food that is high in quality, variety and freshness.
The healthy eating network, Salad Box is seeking more franchise partners in Europe after a successful global expansion.

Salad Box is a Romanian healthy food chain that began in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The business focuses on delivering healthy and quick meal choices to contemporary consumers with a simple concept: build your own salad by selecting from a variety of fresh ingredients. Salad Box rapidly spread across Romania, and has since opened it's doors in 11 other countries across Europe and abroad including, Hungary, France, Malta, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, and Algeria.

Four friends, Dan Isai, Radu Lupas, Daniel Lar, and Vlad Lupas established the business in 2012 after being exhausted of uninspired fast-food choices. They decided to give Romanians a new healthier alternative centered on nutritious food at reasonable rates. "We are young, passionate, open-minded, and motivated. We're committed to changing lives and building a new healthy world," the friends boasted in an online statement.

The founders sought to develop a franchising structure based on transparent processes and a scalable business strategy, allowing the company to swiftly expand locally and internationally. Their initial restaurant in 2012 was a huge succes. By the end of their first trading year, the group established 12 more locations - which included nine of their own sites and three franchises. Consequently, Salad Box’s rapid expansion indicates the assurance of a steady working environment and a secure investment.

True to the brand's name, the meals (soups, salads, and desserts) are served in practical eco-friendly boxes. Customers may eat in, take out, or have their meals delivered to them. Radu Lupas, Salad Box's Co-Founder, spoke on the company's goals and visions. “We understand that our clients are health-conscious people and know the importance of a well-balanced diet," Mr Lupas said.

"They are busy people, often on the run, taking their Salad Box meal on the way to a meeting. They possess a need for speed in having their meal delivered while being aware that regular fast food is not so beneficial for their health,” he said. 

“We believe that eating food that is nutritious, fresh, quick, and affordable should be a must in every corner of the world.”


Company owned units:

  • 10

Franchise units:

  • 60


  • Pre-opening consultancy
  • Intermediation of the inquiries between the franchisee and the support departments
  • Weekly meetings
  • Partner visits
  • Training support for managers and employees
  • Constructions plans support
  • Interior design support
  • Investment consultancy
  • Site location support
  • Product orders
  • Technical assistance
  • Product portfolio support
  • Operations manual including recipes & workers quide
  • Online digital material
  • Design and production of restaurant opening marketing materials
  • Social media support
  • Marketing Mix Proposal
  • Email addresses
  • Domain acquisition
  • Website creation


The ideal Salad Box franchisee will have managerial experience and an entrepreneurial mindset, as well as leadership qualities and a desire to promote healthy living. A highly successful franchisee should be self-motivated, self-directed and have excellent communication skills.


  • Total investment: EUR 70.000 - 150.000
  • Royalty Fee: 4.5%
  • Marketing Fee: 1.5%

Hydration meets nutrition / Salad Box likes to experiment with different beverages, such as fresh juices and lemonades.

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