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food and beverage | 2024-07-12

Mini coffee kiosk

The franchise features a mini coffee kiosk occupying just 1m², serving freshly ground coffee 24/7 without the need for staff.

The franchise features a mini coffee kiosk occupying just 1m², serving freshly ground coffee 24/7 without the need for staff.

food and beverage | 2024-05-08

Sweet business

The Fit Cake centers around operating production and sales venues in the form of non-pastry shops, offering products made from the highest quality ingredients - says Rafał Kościuk, Owner of FIT CAKE

food and beverage | 2024-02-13

Journey of freshness and innovation

This Czech brand has delighted with fresh juices, smoothies, ice cream, salads, and more. With 80+ locations across five European countries, it's a flavorful experience for all.

food and beverage | 2024-02-02

Baking success across borders

Emerging from a quaint Lviv Croissants to 170+ location. What's the secret to their widespread success?

food and beverage | 2024-01-26

Sweet success story

La Donuteria renowned for crafting, handmade donuts. Is this sweet business lucrative?

food and beverage | 2023-12-29

Recipe for success in fast food

Poe Poe excels with premium, fresh ingredients and unwavering dedication to affordable fast food excellence. How do they do it?

food and beverage | 2023-08-03

Bread from Georgia on the mind

The Georgian bakery chain Puri shows that tradition and modernity can complement each other and provide a successful business mix.

food and beverage | 2023-07-26

Grow the business, cut the calories talked to Rafał Kościuk, the co-founder of “Fit Cake” about the franchise’s expansion across Europe.

food and beverage | 2023-07-20

Chocolate and coffee in Bangkok

Chocafe is a Czech franchise inspired by Belgian chocolate which has opened up an outlet in Bangkok.

food and beverage | 2023-07-07

Everything stops for… bubble tea

Crazy Bubble is cashing in on the bubble tea craze with the young flocking to its approach.

food and beverage | 2023-07-04

Having their cake and eating it without sugar

Polish Fit Cake brand is expanding internationally offering a franchise that’s capitalizing on a fast growing sugar free market.

food and beverage | 2023-06-30

Passion for chocolate and business

The Leonidas Belgian chocolate franchise is looking to expand and is looking for franchisees with a real passion for chocolate and head for business, says Philippe Seigle.

food and beverage | 2023-05-18

Leonidas is chocolate royalty

Confiserie Leonidas is a family owned company of 110 years standing which has now morphed into a major Belgian chocolate franchise right across the globe.

food and beverage | 2023-04-17

Salad days from Romania

“Salad Box” is a franchise delivering fresh food fast without losing the commitment to quality, looking for franchisees who share its passion for sustainable and healthy eating

food and beverage | 2023-04-17

Bike Cafe goes Baltic

The Bike Cafe franchise is expanding to the Baltic States. We asked Michał Mołdrzyk, the sales manager about the plans.

food and beverage | 2023-03-24

Bike Cafe, a business for all seasons

Bike Cafe is expanding to the Baltic states. It’s an outdoor concept that can work in all climates.

food and beverage | 2023-03-15

Chick-fil-A sets sights on Europe

The fast-food restaurant chains $1 billion international expansion plan

food and beverage | 2023-03-03

Gong cha opens new stores in Belgium

Benelux Master Franchisee, Mad Vision Group, aims to open 10 new bubble tea stores this year.

food and beverage | 2023-02-17

Subway Restaurants look to sell

Subway, one of the worlds largest brands, confirmed this week it is exploring a possible sale of the business.