market overview

food and beverage | 2022-05-31

The bubble tea craze

- I want to see Crazy Bubble as a pan-European brand in 5 years' time - says Jakub Woźniczka, Franchise Manager of Crazy Bubble.

- I want to see Crazy Bubble as a pan-European brand in 5 years' time - says Jakub Woźniczka, Franchise Manager of Crazy Bubble.

food and beverage | 2022-05-23

Mr Kebab means business

There's only one Mr Kebab and it's from Slovakia.

food and beverage | 2022-05-17

McDonald's to exit Russia

The fast-food giant initiates the process to sell its Russian business.

food and beverage | 2022-05-16

A spot of Bubble Tea

From the far East to Eastern Europe – Bubble tea is here to stay.

business services | 2022-05-11

Searching with CNA International

Ever wanted to be the boss and own an executive search or search and selection business?

consumer services | 2022-05-06

Empower talents, overcome weaknesses

Verbatoria centres tests children's, teen and adult's talents using their own brainwaves.

food and beverage | 2022-05-05

Costa Caffeinates Europe

The London based coffee chain now the crema of Europe.

food and beverage | 2022-04-29

The Ice and Roll life

- I am convinced this company's potential is very high - says Ionuț Balotescu, one of the newest franchise entrepreneurs of Ice and Roll.

beauty and fitness | 2022-04-29

The Laser Clinics treatment

A beauty franchise that splits set-up costs while paying your salary.

food and beverage | 2022-04-27

Burger King orders 200 more stores for the UK

Burger King shape up to McDonalds after their post-pandemic boom.

food and beverage | 2022-04-23

Baskin-Robbins new scoop

The number one ice cream franchise in the world is about to get cooler.

business services | 2022-04-09

Fast signs and graphics

A business-to-business franchise creating custom signs and graphics for every company.

food and beverage | 2022-03-31

Conquering with cutlery

- We are now entering a process towards globalisation - says General Manager of Jumbo, Sami Hotak.

education | 2022-03-31

The school that rocks

Forget about ‘Mary had a little lamb’ - at School of Rock kids are learning Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA.’

beauty and fitness | 2022-03-30

Bodystreet ready

This body shape franchise is the perfect alternative to large mainstream gyms.

food and beverage | 2022-03-20

Bloody delicious burgers

THE BUTCHER burger bar specialises in serving premium burgers in a relaxed environment with an international allure.

food and beverage | 2022-03-13

Discover the Ice Cream Lab

Fun and delicious science in a cup (or cone).

food and beverage | 2022-03-01

Importing beans, exporting results

- If you want to be the best, you have to have all the best knowledge and practice - says Managing Partner and Head of Business Development for Meron, Crina Ciocian.

food and beverage | 2022-03-01

A healthy Boost

Australian brand Boost Juice tops the 2022 Global Franchise Awards at the International Franchise Convention.