Having their cake and eating it without sugar

Fit Cake cafe / Fit Cake full of people wanting sugar free desserts.
Polish Fit Cake brand is expanding internationally offering a franchise that’s capitalizing on a fast growing sugar free market.

Having weathered the pandemic storm and innovated off the back of it Fit Cake is ready for international expansion. It already has 2 franchised outlets in Malta and another three in other foreign locations. But the fast expanding sugar free market gives them hope for much more. 

Moving into a niche that’s growing fast

Market analysis shows that one in five consumers are searching for alternatives to traditional desserts in order to cut down on their intake of calories. The COVID scare made people more health and fitness conscious. Information on how food choices affect health is multiplying exponentially. This means that Fit Cake which arrived on the scene on the Polish market in 2016 had a very clearly identified target. 

Fit Cake uses natural sweeteners only which are healthier for the body. In order to meet new trends on the market the company has also introduced gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan lines of products. As a result the company is now delivering its products internationally to schools, kindergartens as well as fitness and sports clubs. Fit Cake also works with organizations helping diabetics and fighting obesity. 

The flexi system

In response to the pandemic crisis the company has introduced its “Fit Cake Flex” franchising system which offers options such as freezing dues, credit and legal assistance with renting as well as central purchasing, marketing and training. This system has replaced the gradation system with its different stages of development. Now the approach is to offer the potential franchisees a menu of modules from which they choose which service they want. 

The market entry cost depends on the size of operation chosen. The costs therefore can be as little as 5,000 Euro but may stretch to 25,000 and even 35,000 Euro. The cost depends on the modules chosen. The franchisor does not charge a percentage of turnover but a flat rate fee.

The potential franchisee is not required to have experience in running a catering business. The area of operation chosen must have a minimum of 20,000 inhabitants and the franchisee must have minimum 30 m.sq of space for a retail outlet and a minimum of 70 m.sq for cafe premises in a busy shopping or recreational area. 

Innovation is at the heart of the company

The sugar free company is a franchise for those who like to innovate and who are committed to a healthy way of living. Not surprising since one of the founders and recipe creator is fitness competitor Ewelina Choińska. 

Fit for Cake is also a believer in corporate responsibility and maintaining good practice among its 60 outlets.The company’s goal is to have 150 franchised outlets by 2026 and to double that to 300 by 2030.  Its co-founder is a member of the Polish Association of Franchisors and the company played an active role in work over the “Code of good practice for the franchise market” which was recently adopted in Poland. 

The company has also introduced its own Keto cake label. It  is exclusively available with Fit Cake. This expansion package has been created due to the popularity of the ketogenic diet and demand for low carbohydrate products.

In 2022 the company introduced robots to the streets of four major cities in order to test an alternative to courier services. The small robots do not need to use fuel and are able to travel 2 kilometers in a matter of 15 minutes. This year the company is investing in a GIS (geographic information system) to obtain data on the movement of pedestrians in selected cities. 

Fit Cake is an innovative brand with huge potential for expansion. Polish brands are increasingly doing well on EU markets. Expect Fit Cake to be up there with the best of them. 

Fit Cake starts them young / Fit Cake is there for all age groups to enjoy.

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