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Fit Cake was created as a response for the ever-growing awareness about healthy eating and as a demand for desserts suitable for people with numerous allergies. 

In this way, we became the first “non-sugar bakery” in Poland, which offers sweets without sugar, gluten, lactose and cow’s milk. 

We are appreciated for the quality and variety of the offer and for business development. We have a group of regular customers, new ones are con- stantly coming. Contractors confirm the profitability of the investment. 

We are the largest chain “no-bakery”. We have over 60 coffeehouses in Poland and abroad.
Each year we achieve a 100% increase. Therefore, we are constantly working on making the investment in the franchise as profitable as possible for our current and future partners. We have developed the Fit Cake Flex module, which is a flexible franchise system tailored to the needs and wallets of investors. 

If you want to change the habits of the inhabitants of your city to healthier ones - start a business with FIT CAKE. Help people, who have food allergies or food intolerances. 

At the beginning of our activity, we were a small manufacture. For months we have been developing original recipes for healthy desserts:
no sugar, gluten-free and lactose-free. 

And above all - low-calorie ones. This made us the precursors of such an offer. 

Currently, our offer is very expanded. We have
among others: functional bars, occasional cakes,
vegan desserts, vegan ice cream, bars of chocolate, vegetable cocktails, porridges, millet porridges, buns, sandwiches, desserts in a jar, and low-fodmap desserts. 

Customers constantly praise our offer. We respond to their needs. 

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which devastated the gastronomy industry in 2020- 2021, we have created a safe franchise system, in which the franchisee decides what he wants to invest in, and pays only for what he chooses from the proposed options of our brand. 

We gave up on the system, in which the entrepreneur climbs from the lowest level
to the highest. Currently, with a basic package, the franchisee has access to the entire range of additional options. He can choose from it
at his discretion. 

company owned units

Poland (2)

franchise units

Poland (60), Malta (2). Germany, Romania, Spain, England

photo of a unit
information for franchisees

support for franchisees

We send draft production documents to Sanepid 

  • *  we select technical equipment 
  • *  we prepare a visual design that the client can follow 
  • *  we prepare a technological project or we outsource it to an external company 

We send a list of warehouse supplies and places, where they can be purchased 

  • *  we prepare the logo and conduct a full 3-month campaign 

*  we prepare all designs of product labels, train and help with technical issues related to the opening 

expected total investment

  • 10000EUR without our local
  • 25000EUR-35000EUR with our local


basic requirements of the concept

They don’t need to have experience in gastronomy, but they must have good eating habits or a willingness to switch them to healthy :)

We conduct training and organize meetings with partners: we choose the premises together.

The choice is consulted with us via e-mail (links, photos).

The space that the future franchisee will need should be about 70 meters (including 3.3 meters high).

Additionally: 2 entrances (including one from the street), air conditioning, wi-fi and parking spaces. Sometimes if there is 1 entrance but really good location, we can still open FIT CAKE :)

information about franchisor

4 You Sp. z o.o.

ul. Przepiórcza 8, 16-001 Księżyno

506 110 030

Contact person for candidates

Rafał Kościuk

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