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From under the knife / The foundation is built on fresh, natural ingredients
Emerging from a quaint Lviv Croissants to 170+ location. What's the secret to their widespread success?

History of Lviv Croissants

In the heart of Lviv, Ukraine, a small bakery ignited a revolution that challenged the conventional perception of the humble croissant. Lviv Croissants, born in 2015, emerged with a mission to redefine the croissant experience, transforming it from a mere breakfast treat into a interesting, all-day meal. In just nine years, it has evolved into an international sensation, boasting a network of over 160 bakeries across Ukraine.

Lviv Croissants began as a modest bakery in Lviv, Ukraine, aiming to break away from tradition and elevate the croissant into a culinary delight. Founded in 2015, the brand rapidly expanded, establishing a presence in over 160 bakeries nationwide and venturing into the global market. With an annual sale of over 11 million croissants, Lviv Croissants has succeeded in product that has garnered the loyalty of patrons worldwide.

Lviv Croissants success

What sets Lviv Croissants apart in the competitive culinary landscape? According to Orest Zahrodskyy, franchise manager, „The answer lies in its commitment to a monoproduct strategy. By focusing solely on croissants, the brand has optimized its operations, ensuring swift and efficient preparation. The democratic pricing further positions the brand as a market disruptor, making pastries accessible to all age groups.”

An exclusive and high-margin product, crafted " from under the knife" is offered to every guest. The foundation is built on fresh, natural ingredients, providing savory and sweet croissants at affordable prices within a welcoming atmosphere.

For aspiring entrepreneurs eyeing opportunities in the gastronomic industry, Lviv Croissants franchise offers an excellent solution. With seamless operational processes, a unique product, and competitive pricing, Lviv Croissants entices potential franchisees.

The franchise package unveiled

Prospective franchisees can anticipate robust support and a comprehensive package from Lviv Croissants. From assistance in location selection to evaluating the potential of specific sites, the franchise package includes the calculation of financial models for chosen locations. Franchisees are assigned dedicated managers to guide them through every stage of the project. Lviv Croissants goes beyond, providing bakery design based on space assessments, technological plans, equipment selection, and HR support, including initial interviews for bakery staff.

Comprehensive support for franchisees

Lviv Croissants offers a comprehensive support package to potential franchisees, providing robust marketing assistance and advanced technological solutions.

In terms of marketing support, the company ensures a impactful launch by providing tailored marketing and promotional materials. During the crucial opening phase, Lviv Croissants takes care of all marketing needs to facilitate a smooth entry into the market. Each bakery receives individualized promotion efforts, including the development of marketing materials to enhance local visibility. Targeted advertising initiatives are crafted and supported to maximize reach, while Google visibility is ensured through the creation and support of a comprehensive map and profile for each bakery.

Lviv Croissants goes beyond local visibility by assisting in international, regional, and local cooperation. This includes support in negotiation, roadmap planning, staff training, and the provision of marketing materials. Continuous improvement is achieved through active customer feedback support.

This holistic approach to marketing support and technological solutions reflects Lviv Croissants commitment to ensuring the success and smooth operation of its franchisees, equipping them to thrive in a competitive market.

Becoming a franchise

Becoming a Lviv Croissants franchisee requires adherence to specific criteria. The initial fee stands at 10,000 EUR, accompanied by a monthly fee equivalent to 3% of the net turnover. The projected investment varies based on the size of the establishment, ranging from 70,000 EUR for smaller units (S) to 120,000 EUR for larger setups (L). The brand imposes location prerequisites, favoring central streets, bustling plazas, and vibrant avenues. This is the basic investment amount that may vary for each type of bakery depending on various factors.

Becoming a Lviv Croissants franchisee involves preparation, beginning with partner accreditation and recognition. This basic phase ensures that aspiring partners thoroughly understand the brand. Next comes the critical site selection phase, in which the strategic choice of location for the bakery is meticulously considered for its impact on overall success.

The process advances to approval of the chosen location, marked by Lviv Croissants stringent approval standards aligning with brand norms. Prospective franchisees receive dedicated support in financial model calculation, tailoring models to their chosen locations. Upon mutual agreement, the journey progresses to contract signing and initial fee payment, formalizing the partnership and financial commitments. the creative designing phase involves active collaboration on the aesthetic and functional aspects of bakery spaces.

Moving from conceptualization to reality, Renovation and finishing works ensure the physical space aligns seamlessly with the design staff recruitment and training, crucial for operational efficiency, follow suit.  Lviv Croissants ensures ongoing success through daily orchestration of operations, monthly economic analysis, quarterly evaluations, marketing support, surveillance, and HR-assisted personnel recruitment.

About Lviv Croissants

  • Over 170 locations (Ukraine and Poland)
  • Initial franchise: €10,000
  • Franchise fee: 3% of monthly turnover

Rapid expansion / Lviv Croissants has opened over 170 bakeries

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