Franchise offering 1 year trial

Extra Services cars / Extra services is a removal and clearing business offering partnerships and franchises
“Extra services” is the only removals franchise network in the EU offering a 1 year trial ‘partnership’ period, a sign of great confidence in its offer.

As the population in Europe becomes increasingly mobile and willing to move house to a new job or more attractive location the demand for removal and clearing services is bound to grow. As properties change hands faster than in decades gone by and people are busier than ever with their daily professional and social lives the need for people skilled in odd jobs that need doing will also going to increase. 

These are the market niches “Extra Services” has moved into. It’s a franchise network of professional service providers concentrating on removal, clearing and skilled work in home renovation and improvement. The network serves individuals, companies and organizations primarily in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, but is available right across the European Union. 

Unique offer of a trial period

The idea is to create a stable network that helps the franchisees and partners to operate in Europe and offer services for small, medium and large jobs. All the franchisees are entitled to offer their services in a EU country of their choice. 

The Extra Services franchising network is the only such entity in the European Union which enables those who are interested in the franchise license to take advantage of a one year trial period called a “Partnership”. This means that a franchisee minimizes his/her risk and has the time to test the value, strength and quality of this franchise brand. This solution enables both the franchise network and the new franchisee to test each other and see if they are a match for a longer relationship. 

Value Add

The franchisee has at their disposal know-how that has been well tested and tried over a number of years. This enables them to deliver high quality services. The network enables all its franchisees and partners to earn how much they want and to dedicate as much time to their business as they wish. However, the network requires a professional approach to the work, clients and network colleagues. 

According to the company, the average income of a moving and clearing franchisee is approximately  6,000 Euro per month. The company claims to distribute orders amounting to the hundreds of thousands of Euros, per month, between their franchisees and partners of the Extra Services network throughout their central database of orders for moving, clearing, cleaning, washing, repairs, craft and maintenance services.


  •  145 franchises right across Europe

  •  955 partners

Support for Franchisees

  • Equipment

  • Uniforms

  • Materials for packing and cleaning

  • Branding of business vehicle

  • Branded promotional materials for clients

  • Unlimited access to international database of clients and contracted services

  • Text message notices on jobs and clients available

  • Advertising on the net, billboards and mobile

Network  requirements 

  • For partners: 250 Euro  fee plus fees for orders generated from international database

  • First 10 orders gratis for partners

  • 75,000 Euro for five years license with unlimited access to database + text message warnings on jobs: expected income of cc8,000 Euro per month

  • Master franchise for a country: cc800,000 Euro for a period of 20 years with own database, network of partners and clients and all income from own franchisees and partners

  • Application of network know-how, reliability, diligence and punctuality

Extra Hands / Extra Services flexible for franchisers and customers alike

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