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Know-how and full training provided / Ensuring franchisees receive comprehensive expertise and guidance.
Experience the convenience of self-service laundries at Express Laundry, where innovation meets profitability. Why choose between efficiency and profit when you can have both?

Self-service laundries are innovative spaces where customers can independently wash and dry their clothes, providing convenience and time savings. Express Laundry Center, a prominent player in the laundry industry, commenced its journey in the 1990s as a modest addition to an existing self-service laundromat. Over the years, it has transformed into a global powerhouse, strategically establishing laundries across North America. The brand's mission from the outset has been to revolutionize the washing experience, a goal that became tangible with the integration of commercial-grade equipment. This pivotal move drastically reduced customer service time from a cumbersome 2 hours to an impressive 45 minutes. Today, Express Laundry Center symbolizes not just efficiency but the epitome of modern and convenient laundry services.

A legacy of innovation and excellence

According to Michał Dębkowski, Franchise Manager at Express Laundry, the brand's distinctiveness stems from a powerful blend of innovation and excellence, deeply rooted in its partnership with the esteemed Girbau group. The year 2020 marked a significant milestone for Girbau, celebrating its 100th anniversary and 60 years as a leader in avant-garde laundry solutions. This celebration underscored Express Laundry Center's commitment to a legacy of excellence. Going beyond mere laundry efficiency, the brand is guided by core values of family, sustainability, and flexibility. These values not only differentiate Express Laundry Center from the competition but also serve as the driving force behind its unparalleled success in the competitive industry. The unwavering dedication to innovation and a steadfast adherence to foundational values form the bedrock of Express Laundry Center's triumph, making it a unique and sought-after entity in the ever-evolving laundry landscape.

Express Laundry comprehensive support 

According to Michał Dębkowski „Becoming a franchisee with Express Laundry Center is not just a strategic business move; it represents an immersive journey into a comprehensive support ecosystem”. Redefining the conventional franchise model, the brand unveils a turnkey laundry package, encompassing everything from optimal location selection to post-opening promotional strategies. This support transcends mere rhetoric, incorporating a meticulously crafted self-service laundry solution, expert guidance through leasing intricacies, comprehensive assistance for installation and finishing works, and an immersive training regime. The transparency of service contracts fortifies the bond, and the brand's flexibility empowers investors to assume control independently, ensuring a not just a venture but a thriving and rewarding business. Express Laundry Center's commitment to the success of its franchisees goes beyond promises, creating an environment conducive to growth and prosperity.

Path to franchise ownership

Embarking on the path to franchise ownership with Express Laundry Center demands adherence to stringent standards. The chosen premises should boast a minimum area of 40 m2, strategically positioned on the ground floor with a shop window and parking space. The investment amount is meticulously calculated, encompassing factors such as premises adaptation costs, machinery procurement, and turnover projections. Express Laundry Center disrupts conventional franchise norms by eliminating initial and monthly license fees, making it an accessible and compelling venture for potential investors eyeing a 40 m2 premises, with the estimated investment hovering around EUR 70,000. In conclusion, Express Laundry Center's journey is not merely a success story; it's a saga of innovation, commitment, and transformation in the laundry industry, poised to redefine the contemporary laundry landscape and offer a lucrative opportunity for those seeking a promising and fulfilling venture.


About Express Laundry

  • Initial investment: from €70,000
  • No licensing fees
  • Low risk business with a failure rate of less than 1%

Minimum space requirement is 40 mkw. / Express Laundry provides full support in adapting the space.

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