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consumer services | 2024-04-30

The pet industry

Discover unique pet businesses reshaping the industry.

Discover unique pet businesses reshaping the industry.

consumer services | 2023-08-09

Advertising campaign for free

“EXTRA SERVICES” is the only removals franchise network offering a free advertising campaign to its franchisees, says its CEO Radek Straka.

consumer services | 2023-06-28

Franchise offering 1 year trial

“Extra services” is the only removals franchise network in the EU offering a 1 year trial ‘partnership’ period, a sign of great confidence in its offer.

consumer services | 2023-05-05

Friendly Fire: The Generation Z Game

Founder of “Friendly Fire” David Cosir says that his franchise is for both investors and enthusiasts, even though it services mainly the young

consumer services | 2023-04-07

A sign of more recreational times

The market for recreational activities is growing, offering opportunities for franchising . This growing market has been joined by “Museum of Senses”

consumer services | 2022-12-02

Vodafone's partner strategy

Be your own boss of up to three Vodafone-branded stores.

consumer services | 2022-05-06

Empower talents, overcome weaknesses

Verbatoria centres tests children's, teen and adult's talents using their own brainwaves.

consumer services | 2022-02-24

Giving an EXTRA hand

This is one of the only franchises in the world where you can try before you buy.

consumer services | 2022-02-12

Decentralised task solutions

Good, fast and cheap – no longer do you have to compromise on any of these to get your tasks done with Qjob.

consumer services | 2021-11-14

Fancy a Quickwash?

This laundry company cleanly emerged from the pandemic keen to quick-wash their way around Eastern Europe.

consumer services | 2021-09-10

Taking on Petpreneurs

Husse is a global leader in high-end pet food and products. Unlike other manufacturers of pet supplies, Husse provides free delivery to your front door.

consumer services | 2021-09-06

A clean and easy business model

Mr Jeff is an innovative, profitable and easy to manage franchise model. It operates in dozens of countries and is looking for partners in Europe.

consumer services | 2021-08-27

Under control with Orkin

Did you know that there are more than twenty-eight species of small animals that regularly threaten homes?

consumer services | 2021-06-29

LG Laundry Lounge - Life's looking good post covid

- We have fully equipped projects delayed by Covid just waiting to open - says Bright World Director, Mario Martinek.

consumer services | 2021-06-01

A touch of the Museum of Senses

Museum of Senses is an edutainment flyer that emerged out of Prague in late 2017.

consumer services | 2021-05-21

Papilonia's exotic experience

- We're confident a compelling product with a strong financial return would attract investors - says owner of Papilonia, Zbyněk Černý.

consumer services | 2021-05-20

International Workplace Group - The future is now

The pandemic has forever changed the way we work and do business. Could this really be the next big thing?

consumer services | 2021-04-21

Museum of Senses business model pivot

- When we first started we weren’t considering franchising as a business concept to grow at all. Simply because business growth was amazing - says Museum of Senses co-owner Dejan Grbić.

consumer services | 2021-03-15

­­­­­LG Laundry Lounge Eastern Europe Expansion

No longer is dirty laundry a chore with the LG laundry lounge. This smart state-of-the-art concept was first developed in New York by LG Electronics in 2012.