Nailing down a business on the run

Good team / Nail factor founder with her team.
Nail Factory was a business idea that came out of a personal need of the owner. If you can't have the service you want you better provided it yourself.

It’s not everyday one learns about a business in the field of beauty that was spawned out of the strain of training for a Triathlon. An Ironman title proved useful in ensuring an iron will to develop a new business and make it grow. But the nails in question have nothing to do with iron and everything to do with beauty and customer care. 

If you want something doing properly, do it yourself

The owner and founder of the original Nail Factory salon in Lviv and its franchise is Olena Paslavska, a married mother of four children and proud holder of the title “Ironman”. She says that the idea of creating her first studio actually developed during her triathlon training days. She was constantly busy with no time for cosmetic treatment. She, like many other busy women, wanted to find a place in which she felt she would get speedy help with eyebrows, eyelashes, hair and nails to feel good. Being proactive she decided to open up such a salon herself so she could deliver the kind of service she herself would be confident of using: a manicure and pedicure that was high quality, safe and faultless. 

The business proved successful with a rapid rise in income so she went on to repeat the process and opened a face, and then a hair salon too. She believes that the key to success is to create a comfortable space in which clients are protected from unnecessary stress and are treated with respect and without prejudice. It is also important, she feels, to ensure that only high quality materials are used and that clients are recommended products which the staff themselves have tested and approved. 

Security is vital for clients and Olena is very proud of the 4-stage sterilization process her salon uses and the extensive use that it makes of disposable products. She also stresses the importance of well planned interiors in which both staff and customers feel comfortable. Her goal is to save her clients time and avoid them feeling any stress. But she hopes that clients may have the time for doing more of the things they want to do. 

The energy to succeed

Being a very sociable person Olena has got to know many of her clients and founded the “Club of amazing women” as a group organizing a series of events at which comers get to know each other, learn new things, discuss topical and interesting issues and just relax. She sees this as a form of women’s support and believes that women are stronger, more confident and assertive when they have each other to rely on for support. A potential franchisee of hers fortunately does not have to run any triathlons or hold an Ironman title. Commitment to maintenance of standards, hygiene and ability to get on with people will do.   

This is a franchise which is at the beginning of its development in a highly competitive market. Obviously the war in Ukraine has created a rather abnormal environment for its operation. But its founder is used to challenges and tests of endurance and, like Ukraine itself, not one for giving up. 

Own units

3 in Ukraine

Support for franchisees

  • A step-by-step launch plan, detailed description of all the processes at every stage to start a salon

  • Assistance with finding the location

  • Assistance with hiring and training employees

  • Online support at every stage of setting up the business

  • Detailed operations and processes manual

  • Developing business launch and customer acquisition and marketing strategies

  • Use of trademark

  • Legal assistance

  • IT support

  • CRM program

  • Contacts with suppliers

Network requirements

  • Location in city of 250,000 plus inhabitants

  • Central shop front location

  • MInimum of 50 sq. meters of space for the studio

  • Sociable person capable of giving a lead and meticulous about hygiene and standards

Key figures

  • Franchise fee of 20,000 Euro

  • Needed investment between 50,000 and 70,000 Euro depending on renovation costs and size of space

Nail Factory / Nail Factory salon in full glow.

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