beauty and fitness

beauty and fitness | 2024-04-24

Comprehensive beauty services

Martelle is a beauty network that provides a complete range of services.

Martelle is a beauty network that provides a complete range of services.

beauty and fitness | 2023-07-28

Nailing down a business on the run

Nail Factory was a business idea that came out of a personal need of the owner. If you can't have the service you want you better provided it yourself.

beauty and fitness | 2023-06-06

NASA style fitness

NASA Strong is a fitness and health franchise which helps deal with back problems and combats osteoporosis.

beauty and fitness | 2023-05-09

Trampoline to franchise success

Jump Planet is a franchise positioned to take advantage of the growing family recreation market while offering facilities for training to sportsmen like the Polish ski jumpers.

beauty and fitness | 2023-05-02

Taking away the pain of hair removal

Depilconcept is a fast growing brand offering salons for painless hair removal with its own brand of cosmetics

beauty and fitness | 2023-04-24

Natural beauty from Ukraine

Fit for Face is a franchise from Ukraine that has migrated to Poland. It's for those who believe in natural beaurty care rather than surgery and a franchise that depends on getting and training quality staff to deliver the service

beauty and fitness | 2023-03-20

The BFT difference

Bring Body Fit Training’s industry-leading, science-based training program to your community.

beauty and fitness | 2022-08-17

The 20 minute workout

How to get fit without breaking a sweat.

beauty and fitness | 2022-08-15

Ukrainian beauty

Martelle Studio is an international beauty chain with a full range of services.

beauty and fitness | 2022-04-29

The Laser Clinics treatment

A beauty franchise that splits set-up costs while paying your salary.

beauty and fitness | 2022-03-30

Bodystreet ready

This body shape franchise is the perfect alternative to large mainstream gyms.

beauty and fitness | 2022-01-19

Hands on business

Balinese massage is recognised as one of the best massage practices in the world.

beauty and fitness | 2021-11-19

Look good to feel great

- Our sales have gone up well above pre-pandemic levels - says Executive Board Member of DepilConcept, Alexandre Duque Lourenço.

beauty and fitness | 2021-10-27

Clipping costs of hair

Have you ever needed a last-minute haircut, but couldn’t get an appointment? That's where Haircut Express comes in.

beauty and fitness | 2021-07-27

Find your radiance with Depil Concept

Your skin is the reflection of your inner and outer well-being. Looking out your skin is Depil Concept.