Fit for Face is a franchise from Ukraine that has migrated to Poland. It's for those who believe in natural beaurty care rather than surgery and a franchise that depends on getting and training quality staff to deliver the service

Plastic surgery and injections are not for everyone and some of the horror stories connected to these interventions give food for thought. Many people are therefore turning to more natural methods of keeping young and beautiful.  

Fit for Face is a franchise providing Ukraine’s first mono facial massage service. It is an environmentally friendly and totally safe way of giving facial rejuvenation and care. The treatment has been developed by beautician Olena Romanova and combines the best of European and Japanese practice. The technique developed is one of helping to train the face, which is why the practitioners are called ‘face trainers’ by the franchise. The effectiveness of the treatment can make injections and other types of facelifts redundant. 

DIY beauty

The company’s motto is “Be Beautiful Yourself”, without the need for external intervention such as injections. The massage treatment delivered helps to train 50 muscles of the face stimulating blood circulation and producing collagen helping to reactivate facial cells.The process resembles training in the gym when working on the right shape. Massages are selected according to the condition of the skin and muscles with the objective of all facial muscles being put into use with the selected exercises. As in a gym the process becomes more intensive as time goes by. 

“Fit for Face” has been in existence for 3 years. Just as it was preparing to expand in Ukraine the war arrived stalling those plans. But last year a decision was taken to set up a salon in Warsaw which began activities in the autumn. Elizaveta who manages the Warsaw studio says that  “at first it was dependent on Ukrainian clients but just four months into its existence 40 percent of its clients are Poles. This is why our company now wants to expand into the Polish market. But we have also attracted enquiries from other parts of Central Europe and Georgia.”

Great expectations

Asked about the profile of the franchisee the company is looking for Elizaveta feels” it needs to be someone experienced in business or management with considerable attention paid to detail.”  Obviously knowledge of cosmetology and physiotherapy is an advantage. 

 A potential  franchisee will be expected to go through a nine step process which should last about two months before a Fit for Face studio is launched. After the signing of the franchise agreement the financial model for the franchisee is developed and location for the studio chosen. Next comes renovation and adaptation of the chosen premises followed by purchase of equipment and cosmetics and training of staff. The final steps are advertising, testing and a celebration of the opening. 

Support for staff quality the key

In terms of support available to potential franchisees Elizaveta says that the franchise is committed to qualifying all its staff in the process. The company will prepare the franchisee’s staff for 9 original massaging techniques focused on relaxing and reducing tension of facial muscles. Quality control , she stresses, is essential. “All the staff are to be examined by the founder of the business in order to ensure that they are ready to deliver the service.” Other forms of help available will include global marketing of the brand, a financial model which prepares the new business for best case and worst case scenarios.

The franchise is at the beginning of its journey. But it has a distinctive approach and service to sell. And Central and Eastern Europe are still markets with considerable potential for the expansion of new services  in facial care. There is nothing as distinctive about the person as their face. 

 Own units

1 in Ukraine

1 in Poland

Support for franchisees

  •  Project support, mentoring system for the Franchisee

  •  Assistance in site selection and location approval

  •  Studio design project

  •  Massage training with exams for staff

  •   Reliable  suppliers on favorable terms

  •  Global marketing of the brand

  • Financial model 

  •   FIT FOR FACE  trade mark and brand manual.

  •  Adapted CRM system

  • Loyalty scheme for clients

Network requirements

  • Preferably a woman with business/management experience

  • Commitment to natural care and knowledge of physiotherapy. cosmetology preferred

  • Result oriented individual with grasp of detail and sound communication skills

Key figures

  • Franchise payment 15,000 USD

  • Investment from  25,000 USD covering: rent, equipment, furniture, training, marketing,premises renovation and supplies

  • Royalties 4-6%

  • Marketing fees 4%

Fit for Face in action / Fit for face trainer engaged in treatment

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