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DepilConcept is a Portuguese brand created in 2007, to make permanent hair removal and phototherapy treatments available to everyone, as well as provide personalized treatment programs for each specific objective at a smart cost. DepilConcept uses Diode Laser and IPL technologies for permanent body and face hair removal. The IPL technology also allows to do body and face phototherapies, such as thread veins, blemishes, acne, wrinkles, sagging and rosacea.

Besides the variety of treatments, DepilConcept is the only chain of Laser Hair Removal to provide a Guarantee Certificate for its clients, assuring the high quality and efficiency of its services.

DepilConcept represents a new concept of aesthetics and phototherapies with quality, results, and, above all, affordable prices. The business is simple to manage, no experience in aesthetics is required and the necessary HR structure is reduced, as well as the investment. The brand provides complete and constant training, operational, and marketing support. Also, all its professionals are specialized and trained, which represents LESS RISK and GREATER SUCCESS for the Franchisees.

DepilConcept has shown a rapid growth of clinics network, becoming a market leader in Portugal and Poland and being also present in Brazil, Serbia, Ireland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. GrupoConcept has over 170 clinics around the world

In 2017 DepilConcept implemented its own cosmetics brand, Concept+, that ensured a higher quality of provided services.

Currently, the business has stable growth, with a 18% last year (2020) in sales. More than 50% of the brand’s network Franchisees are in the second contract, which converts in a fast return on investment and demonstrates great stability.

If you want to invest in a successful business and be part of a smart cost chain unique in the market, join DepilConcept, the great European hair removal brand!

franchise units

Over 170 clinics in Portugal, Poland, Brasil, Serbia, Ireland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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information for franchisees

support for franchisees

Franchisor’s support to the Master Franchisee:

  • Certified technical, commercial and management initial training
  • Continuous training plan
  • Periodic operational follow-up
  • Periodic visits to Master Franchisee premises
  • Annual brand convention
  • Constant telephone and email support

expected total investment

Investment for the Pilot Unit
Up to €35.000 (£30.000)

10% of the local revenue from royalties (minimum of €100 per clinic).

basic requirements of the concept

Store Size and Location
60 m2 to 100m2 minimum - Street store, with nearby parking and landmarks (banks, post-office, services, etc.)

Contract duration
10 years (renewable)

information about franchisor

Grupo Concept

R. Tomás Ribeiro 71 – 3º piso, 1050-010 Lisboa, Portugal

+48 601 099909

Contact person for candidates

Michal Wisniewski

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