Find your radiance with Depil Concept

An emphasis on franchisee support / Depil Concept have devised a professional, meticulous and well-designed support structure, to give you a successful business.
Your skin is the reflection of your inner and outer well-being. Looking out your skin is Depil Concept.

Depil Concept is a network of photoepilation clinics that offer personalised and affordable hair removal solutions and skin treatments for all. Depil Concept uses Diode Laser and IPL (pulsed light) technologies for permanent body and face hair removal. The IPL technology also allows them to do body and face phototherapies, such as thread veins, blemishes, acne, wrinkles, sagging and rosacea. They also offer classic hair removal services such as waxing and threading.

Depil Concept is a Portuguese company founded in 2007. The company’s goal was to make effective permanent hair removal and phototherapy treatments widely available, solving hair and skin problems for those in need. The company began franchising the concept in 2008 and has shown a rapid growth of clinics network not only in Portugal but reaching into six other countries - building over 170 franchise points.

In 2017, Depil Concept implemented their own tandem high-quality cosmetics brand called Concept+. A year later the company rebranded, deciding to pivot to a fresher, modern image that allowed the company to target larger markets. These long-term vision changes may have been the catalyst in the company's jump in annual growth, which went from 12.5% in 2018 to 18% in 2020.  

The company has master franchisees in 8 countries and is currently on the lookout for further master franchisees as well as regular franchisees across Europe and the world. Depil Concept has accumulated 15 years of profit growth due to their well-defined customer satisfaction strategy. Depil Concept are the only chain of laser hair removal to provide a guarantee certificate for their clients and have served more than 250 thousand clients globally.

Depil Concept’s successful business strategy doesn’t all revolve around customers, it’s equally about providing comprehensive support and guidance to their franchisees. For this the evidence is clear, with more than 80% of the franchisees in their network taking out a second contract with the brand. Furthermore, Depil Concept are the only photoepilation brand to be awarded the, 'Best Support to the Network' award by the IFF - Franchising Information Institute.

If you’re interested in becoming franchisee or master franchisee of this great European hair removal company, get in contact with Depil Concept today.


  • +170 clinics worldwide.
  • Including: Portugal, Poland, Brazil, Serbia, Ireland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Franchisor’s support to the Master Franchisee:

  • Certified technical, commercial and management initial training.
  • Continuous training plan.
  • Periodic operational follow-up.
  • Periodic visits to master franchisee premises.
  • Annual brand convention.
  • Constant telephone and email support.


Store Size and Location:

  • 60 m2 to 100m2 minimum - Street store, with nearby parking and landmarks (banks, post-office, services, etc).

Contract duration

  • 10 years (renewable).


Investment for the Pilot Unit:

  • Up to €35.000 (£30.000).


  • 10% of the local revenue from royalties (minimum of €100 per clinic).

Concept + / The company created its own cosmetics brand in 2017, ensuring their quality standards are always met.

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