Lviv based studio / The Ukrainian beauty company has been successfully running for 12 years.
Martelle Studio is an international beauty chain with a full range of services.

Twelve years ago, partners Marta Nesteruk and Maksym Ryabokon founded the Martelle Studio from Lviv in the Ukraine. The beauty salon, which specialises in a range of hair, beauty and therapeutic treatments is regarded as one of the best in the Lviv due to their high standards of procedures. The couple, who have owned and operated two successful salons for over a decade have decided to put their business know-how to use and expand their brand through franchising.

The company currently offers hairdressing services, manicure and pedicures, cosmetic services, visage and massage – making the salon the full package, offering franchisees multiple revenue streams. Over the last 12 years, they have serviced 160,000 satisfied customers, providing over 1 million services. In real terms, they’ve extended, embedded and braided over 7,000 metres of luscious locks.  

Iryna Svitlyk, Manager of Martelle Studio said the company is now opening up to franchising the brand.

“We are looking for people today who are ready to develop in the field of beauty, and have the funds to open a salon,” Iryna told Franchising.EU.

“We want to start with Poland and then advance to all European countries,” Iryna continued.  “We’re mostly interested in large cities with large populations,” she said.

According to Ms Svitlyk, while experience is welcomed, franchise candidates aren’t necessarily required to have a background in hair and beauty, as they will teach you everything!

The company says franchisees have to be passionate and ready to develop a successful and thriving beauty business. Under the guideship of Marta and Maksym, the right person can change their life and the lives of others through well-performed services that build the feeling of beauty and self-confidence.


Number of outlets: 2 own units



  • Support of repair works
  • Training of staff on the standards of the salon
  • Business consultations on all aspects of work
  • Formation of the list of services, assortment of cosmetics, goods
  • Ready-made brand book and corporate style, visualisation
  • Recommendations for choosing the space where the salon will be located; project design development
  • Recommendations for initial purchases of necessary equipment, cosmetics, products, etc
  • IT support
  • Public Relations and Marketing strategy and support


  • Operational support for the support manager of each franchisee
  • Providing a package of legal documents, agreements, statutes
  • Financial calculations and launch
  • PR / Marketing strategy, written specifically for your salon
  • Launch and training on moderation of social networks, content creation, launch of targeted advertising


  • Ideally women aged between 27-45 years of age
  • Shares in the philosophies of natural care for beauty
  • Responsible
  • Willing to be personally involved in the business and focused on results
  • Experience in personnel management 
  • Attentive to details 
  • Conflict-free and ready to learn from experience
  • Required area: 60 - 120 M2
  • Required staff: 12 - 18 people


  • Investment: from €50,000
  • Lump sum contribution: €20,000
  • Return on investment (ROI): from 12 months
  • Royalties: 5%

Franchise offer now available / The company has expressed interest to open branches in, but not limited to, Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk and Szczecin.

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