It's time to go global / Meron is seeking new franchisees, particularly in Eastern Europe.
Nothing beats a well brewed cup of coffee and Meron is the place to go for your daily boost.

The story of Meron began in 2015, when a team of investors from Cluj created a unique concept for a café in Romania, with the intention to expand as a large franchise system franchise. Meron currently boasts 19 outlets operating in Romania and plans to expand internationally as a franchise coffee chain.

The concept comes from the Greek word "Meron," which means "days." With a minimalist style that plays on lighting and geometric designs, the café aims to be a symbol of artisanal craft, from the cups to the product, to the space itself. The goal? To provide customers with a fully immersive specialty coffee experience.

According to Business Wire, the worldwide coffee market was valued at over 102 billion dollars in 2020, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.28% between 2021 and 2026. Meron is the biggest network of specialty coffee shops in Romania and one of the most established Romanian brands on the market. Crina Ciocian, franchise manager of Meron elaborates the company's mission. “Our goal is to promote the highest standards of quality in the coffee industry.”

Meron purchases batches of coffee beans directly from farmers. The coffee is then freshly roasted in the Meron Roastery in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, where the unique qualities of each coffee bean are highlighted to their maximum potential. As a consequence, the amusing tagline - Freshly Roasted in Transylvania - was born. "Our love of excellent coffee is shared by the farmers who meticulously monitor and manage the growing, harvesting, and processing stages of the coffee beans," says Mr Ciocian.

Meron seeks international entrepreneurs with a positive mindset and strong leadership qualities. They should also possess the ability to inspire, encourage, and guide their team toward a shared goal. Good communication skills are required, as well as a strong drive and self-management abilities. As a franchisee, they must also adhere to the franchisor's policies, systems and processes.

Total Units


Own Units



  • Site selection assistance.
  • Support in interior design.
  • Profitability simulations.
  • Financial business strategy.
  • Equipment and utensils for bar/kitchen.
  • Continuous employee training support.
  • Marketing procedures support.
  • Audit system - ongoing activities.
  • Management and sales system (own management panel).
  • Franchise manual (working procedures, recipes, menus, bonus system for the employee evaluation, etc).


A highly successful franchisee should have, but not necessarily: 

  • The capacity to inspire, encourage, and guide others toward a shared purpose.
  • Excellent communication abilities.
  • The capacity to adhere to systems and processes, as well as follow procedures.
  • Persistence that comes from being extremely self-motivated and inner-directed.
  • A passion for coffee and a desire to understand all there is to know about it.


  • EUR 100,000  - 120,000.

Key Figures

  • Investment from: EUR 100,000.
  • Negotiable service fee.
  • Marketing Fee: Depends on the country of operation.


Quality is essential / The products include a variety of coffee specialties tested and selected by Meron specialists.

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