The European Franchise Federation

Strong Principals
Strong Principals / The EFF has established a reputation for themselves by advocating the ideals of the European Code of Ethics.
The European Franchise Federation unites a network of national franchise organizations that share the same fundamental principles to promote and preserve the franchise industry.

The European Franchise Federation is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Belgium. Its members are European national franchise associations or franchise federations that are entirely independent of the European Union. The EFF is made up of single authorized national franchise organizations from states that satisfy the EFF's admission criteria. The EFF allows only one association per country and currently boasts 21 members.

The EFF is committed to the growth of the franchise sector. It is continually commissioning franchise exhibits and shows, as well as other events relevant to the franchising industry.

Furthermore, the EFF is a vocal supporter of networking. To facilitate information sharing among member organizations and to promote the interests of the European Franchise sector to international organizations, the EFF has established a network of franchisors, franchisees, franchise specialists.

Organization History 

In 1972, franchise associations from France, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands merged to create a larger organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the franchise industry in Europe. Their vision was to promote the growth of ethical franchising in Europe and to safeguard the franchise sector. As a result, the European Franchise Federation was formed, to establish a set of standards for franchisors and franchisees to follow. The main principles were later named the European Code of Ethics. The European Code of Ethics provides guidance and suggestions to franchisors and franchisees looking for information on franchising best practices in Europe. 


The objectives of the EFF are to conduct impartial and competent research on all franchise-related issues. They coordinate members' activities, promote the franchise industry, and most importantly, advocate the interests of member states. The EFF's primary goals are as follows:

1. To serve as the only and authoritative advocate for ethical franchising in Europe in compliance with all relevant international, regional, and state authorities.
2. To protect the franchise sector by adhering to the European Code of Ethics.
3. To guarantee that the franchise sector develops within a regulated framework.
4. To promote the common interests of all member nations.
5. To ensure that all member nations adhere to the Code of Ethics to maintain a positive image for the franchise industry.
6. To promote franchising globally.

The European Code of Ethics for Franchising

The EFF European Code of Ethics is a self-regulatory document for the European franchising sector. It offers advice and recommendations to all franchisors and franchisees seeking information on franchising best practices in Europe. The Code has been revised many times throughout the years to reflect changes in the franchising industry. Members of the EFF regularly update and refresh this guideline to ensure that all principles are up-to-date and relevant.

The EFF's Code of Ethics is not to substitute any national legislation. On the contrary, it seeks to guide the rules and regulations that should be included in every franchise agreement. In other words, the Code aims to guarantee that franchising is regulated and fair throughout Europe.

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The EFF is made up of 21 national franchise groups. These organizations represent the country's franchising industry. The following are the 21 organizations:

  • Austrian Franchising Association
  • Belgian Franchise Federation
  • British Franchise Association
  • Croatian Association for Franchising
  • Czech Franchise Association
  • Danish Franchise Association
  • Finnish Franchising Association
  • French Franchise Federation
  • German Franchise Association
  • Greek Franchise Association
  • Hungarian Franchise Association
  • Italian Franchise Federation
  • Netherlands Franchise Association
  • Polish Franchise Organisation
  • Portuguese Franchise Association
  • Serbian Franchise Association
  • Slovenian Franchise Association
  • Spanish Franchisors Association
  • Swedish Franchise Association
  • Swiss Franchise Association
  • Turkish National Franchise Association

More information can be found on the website of the European Franchise Federation


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