fashion | 2024-02-06

Diverse sparks fashion franchise growth

In the world of fashion, Diverse stands out, offering unique franchises. Is it easy to become their franchisee?

In the world of fashion, Diverse stands out, offering unique franchises. Is it easy to become their franchisee?

supermarkets and grocery stores | 2023-10-04

A taste of the East

Ukrainoczka is a chain of food stores that has been around since 2017, cashing in on the migration from the east and increasing interest and demand for food from Eastern Europe.

fashion | 2023-09-12

Sportswear from sunny Bulgaria

PAUSE JEANS has been around since 1999 and is one of the best known sportswear brands in Bulgaria which is now spreading its wings on the international stage.

house and garden | 2023-03-16

Showroom strategy

– In our business model, franchisees receive a commission for selling products. Higher sales means higher remuneration - says Marta Parafińska, Franchise Manager at Komfort.

fashion | 2023-02-21

Safety sells in Eastern Europe

"Any time is a good time to start a franchise business," says Petra Tománková, Development Manager of the Ardon Workwear business network.

supermarkets and grocery stores | 2022-10-11

Party in style

- If following our pricing, franchisees can generate a margin of around 65% - says Andrea Nagy, Founder of Party Point.

fashion | 2022-10-05

Running on Swiss time

Swatch recently broke the internet with their collaboration with Omega.

supermarkets and grocery stores | 2022-09-07

Harvesting joint success

"The economic uncertainty has led to increased franchising interest in the Harvested network, especially among employees," reveals its Executive Director, Aleš Kotěra.

supermarkets and grocery stores | 2022-07-14

Kings of convenience

7-Eleven have made franchising convenience simple.

fashion | 2022-02-17

On the front foot with FLO

By 2023, this footwear company aims to quadruple their franchise stores around the world.

fashion | 2022-01-30

Yargici’s world of fashion

For over 39 years, Yargici has secured their position as one of the major Turkish apparels and accessories retailers.

supermarkets and grocery stores | 2021-12-16

The red beacon of travel

RELAY is the traveller’s companion that aims to make journeys as pleasant as possible.

supermarkets and grocery stores | 2021-08-12

Doing it better with Intermarché

With more than 50 years in the business, Intermarché is a truly European retail superpower.

fashion | 2021-07-29

LOFT Jeans fit out Europe

LOFT Jeans has flourished in Turkey as a result of their creative and contemporary, but unique designs. They are now prepared to expand to Europe.