­­­­­LG Laundry Lounge Eastern Europe Expansion

LG Laundry Lounge Interior / LG laundry lounge is designed for everyday functionality
No longer is dirty laundry a chore with the LG laundry lounge. This smart state-of-the-art concept was first developed in New York by LG Electronics in 2012.

Now with key locations around the world LG laundry lounge has arrived in Eastern Europe and is accessible through leading Croatian based laundry distribution company, Bright World. The LG laundry lounge is a self-service laundry concept that incorporates a high standard of washing, drying and ironing.

Bright World's General Manager, Mario Martinek, believes LG products are more advanced in comparison with their competitors which is vital to their success. "We develop a step by step Laundry Lounge franchise to have satisfied customers and quality service, Mr Martinek said. “This year we will introduce a new book of standard with a futuristic design to fit with LG high tech products."

What sets the LG laundry lounge apart is its safe brand recognition. The South Korean technology company has a strong reputation for being forward thinking and environmentally friendly. It’s easy to understand the LG business slogan, ‘Life’s Good’ when you walk in the doors. You will be at ease with a modern fully automated integrated laundry system designed to make everything simple as possible. You will also have full use of the free internet, TV, smart tablets and a charging station. As well as coffee machines, juice and snack amenities. There is even a children’s corner to makes sure everyone feels at home.

The LG laundry lounge’s efficient technological capability means faster and more reliable visits. Typical users of self-service laundries generally include tourists, students, low-income persons, as well as people without washing machines (either permanently or temporarily). Other than being a state-of-the-art facility, what sets the LG laundry lounge apart is the capability to wash large ticket items such as jackets, covers and blankets with ease. These extended capabilities reach for a generally wider audience and while popularising its services for short-term holiday rentals for growing industries such as Airbnb.

Setting You Up

Beyond the potential profits and reputation of the LG laundry lounge, franchising with Bright World also has its benefits. They will supply you with all the goods and services required. From the machinery, installation, spare parts, maintenance, servicing and standards books. That’s not all. They will help with all necessary planning. This means idea development, needs analysis and feasibility studies. They will also help with space and installation designs. 

Thankfully you don’t need a great deal of technical experience of your own to open a LG laundry lounge. No masters or professional exam will be required. Rather, you only need to meet the minimum technical requirements, which will be taught to you in person by Bright World. One better, the franchisee does not have to pay the usual franchise fee. And with minimal manpower required there are no large attributed long-term fixed costs. 

Ok, so what is required? Firstly, the basic shop set-up requires, by law, a minimum of 30 square metres. Bright World highly recommends to have a busy location with a strong local population with regular through travel with access to parking. The franchise is also open to locations such as hostels, marinas, camping grounds and dormitories.

Key Figures

The final requirement, of course is the professional LG equipment itself. This depends on the size of the operation. A basic example of which follows:

Self-service laundry

  • 4 Washing Machines/ 4 Dryers
  • Electronic Coin / Coin Changer
  • (Approx. Investment 16,000 EUR)

Interior Design

  • (Approx. Investment 4,000 EUR)


Total Investment Approx. 20,000 EUR

LG Laundry Lounge Set-Up / LG application uses state-of-the-art product technology

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