Ionuț Balotescu, franchise owner of Ice and Roll in Romania / "I can't help but feel happy when I see the smile on my daughters face every time she comes to the van."
- I am convinced this company's potential is very high - says Ionuț Balotescu, one of the newest franchise entrepreneurs of Ice and Roll.

Ice and Roll/Cake and Roll is an all-year-round concept. The summer aspect brings classics such as ice cream and waffles. While in the winter the company serves the likes of Hungarian cakes. Due to the flexibility and demand for seasonal delights, they were able to cleverly combine two brands within one point of sale.

Ice and Roll is the largest and the most recognisable network of mobile sales points with sweets in Poland. Their mobile business network uses high quality products in all locations. Their flexibility allows them to be located in housing estates, promenades, squares as well as supermarkets and shopping malls. Sweet Gallery's concepts, Ice and Roll and Cake and Roll can be found in Poland, but also in Romania, Germany, Spain, Slovakia and the UK. The Ice and Roll and Cake and Roll brand continues their success across European markets. We hear from one of the new franchisees who confirms its profitability.

Ionuț Balotescu opened his own franchise Ice and Roll business in Pitesti two months ago. Mr Balotescu says he’s only starting his path of entrepreneurship, but this won’t stop him from being enthusiastic and totally involved in his new business. 

I always wanted to develop a business to be on my own and to dedicate my time to create something special. Although, the weather was not kind, customers were interested in the Ice and Roll van and the unique products that this franchise offers from the get go. The children were very pleased with the ice cream mascot and even stopped to take a picture with it. The products were praised, and my friends told me that they had been asked on the street where they got their ice cream. My little girl, Sara, is never tired of them. She wants them all - and I can't help but feel happy when I see the smile on her face every time she comes to the van. She is delighted with our products - and the toys that come with them. One day, Sara came from kindergarten with all her classmates and they enjoyed the taste of our products together. Moreover, my wife supported me at every step and gave me the confidence to move forward, " said the new entrepreneur.

What make you decided this was the right franchise for you?

I knew I wanted to do business, and I was looking for something to invest in, but I wasn't sure what to do. I saw the Ice & Roll ad on Facebook, and although I had heard of the brand, I didn't know much about the products. I researched and tried the products which reminded me of the taste of childhood.  

However, I was totally convinced after attending the meeting with the representatives of the franchise in Bucharest, including the coordinator and administrator of the master franchise. They presented me with the business plan, the financial forecast and the way they would support me. The meeting I had inspired me with support and confidence.

Another interesting point that convinced me of this business, is the fact it’s a mobile van. Having such mobility allows me to participate in various fairs and festivals.

How long did preparation take for the opening of the business and what problems did you encounter?

There were several steps. First of all, it was the preparation of the financing file and its acceptance, which lasted about a week. Then there was the search for the location. The three-day training followed, both for me and for the two girls who are now my employees. The process continued with the transport and installation of the van and the installation of software and equipment for two days.

There have been problems; but they are just normal ones anyone would encounter at the beginning of a journey - and from which I have learned how to do better in the future. In addition, I was supported at every step by my colleagues in Bucharest.

Why did you choose a street-food business?

I have always been attracted to the idea of ​​street food, and this brand is the largest street food chain in Europe. In addition, I have always wanted to start my own business. What's more, this is a 2-in-1 business that runs all year round, and has products for all ages.

What do you think about the cooperation with the franchisor and their support?

The cooperation with the franchisor manifest exactly as explained from the very first meeting. They were present every time a problem arose and were by my side during the successful moments as well. They provided me with technical support, through the training offered for the software through which I keep records and product management. And morally, through the appreciation shown when I reached maximum sales thresholds.

Do you intend to open more points?

Yes, that is my intention. I've already thought about the next point. It’s one of the locations that I initially visited with the administrator of the master franchise – so he’s also delighted.

Do you have another source of income or are you focused solely on this franchise?

At the moment, I have other sources of income. I am a full-time employee of the Romanian Archives. However, it is my desire is to deal only with this franchise, which I will develop as much as possible, by opening other points, because I am convinced that its potential is very high.

Ice and Roll and Cake and Roll Business Card

  • Ice and Roll and Cake and Roll are part of Europe's largest street food network. These gourmet caravans offer mobility, low costs and profitability.
  • No initial franchising fees.
  • No marketing fees.
  • Total investment: the minimum value of the investment, own contribution to the leasing financing, starts from EUR 9,000 (depending on the leasing conditions arranged and the chosen business option).
  • Franchise fee: from EUR 110 per month


Calling entrepreneurs. / Anyone with the right attitude and start-up capital can join the franchise.