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Think Big! / AMAKids is the largest intellectual development academy in Europe.
AMAKids are helping children across Europe and the world reach their true potential by using ancient brain stimulation methodologies.

Unlocking your child’s ultimate potential might be as simple as giving them access to the right tools for success. But where do we find the right tools for the job? AMAKids has a proven toolkit for improving cognitive skills and developing one’s intellectual capacity. The secret of the AMAKids method is based in ancient Eastern mental arithmetic techniques. The idea of this education style is to stimulate the development in both hemispheres of the brain.

AMAKids specialises in mental arithmetic, speed-reading and memory development for children aged between five and sixteen. According to the company, the benefits for children are amazing. Children who participate show improvements in their school performance, concentration, independence and creativity, allowing their confidence to shine in all areas of life.

Volodymyr Fedyay, created AMAKids in 2014 after one and a half years of development. Mr Fedyay has combined his global experience with the expertise of the specialists in the field of education and child psychology to create a new approach to the learning process that focuses on concentration, memory, creativity, imagination, logic and analytical thinking, as well as, speed of perception and efficiency in information processing.

AMAKids boasts over 448,465 graduates, with 512 partners operating 1024 academies in 27 countries. The company currently teach students in 14 different languages and have suggested the courses can be easily translated into any language. AMAKids franchise systems can be found right across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Central Asia. In 2019 alone, AMAKids opened new franchise systems in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Canada, Israel and Moldova.

Momchil Vodenicharov, a representative of AMAKids for Bulgaria, said part of the company’s strategy is to not only be in the big cities. “We want the unique methodologies of AMAKids for the development of intelligence to be available for children in smaller towns. This also suggests a great opportunity for enterprising people who want to work with children, doing something useful not only for themselves but also for their community. Our strong partner network is a key factor for success,” he said.

AMAKids were conducting their online classes before it became a necessity with the COVID pandemic. Therefore, their extensive e-learning platform is an established and proven tool in supporting distance classes. Franchisees have the option of buying into either online classes, a stationary facility, or partner facilities when setting up their business. From there AMAKids will use their global experience to get things off the ground, supporting you every step of the way.  


  • 74 worldwide.
  • Head Office is located in Limassol, Cyprus.


  • 1027 worldwide.


What support does a franchisee receive?

  • Know-how and training system.
  • Complete working tools.
  • Action program and marketing support.
  • System for comprehensive facility management.
  • Support in the recruitment of coaching staff.
  • Access to an extensive photo / video content database.
  • START + promotional campaign.


  • Availability of premises with an area of ​​at least 30 m2.
  • Possibility to engage in business at a minimum level of about 2 hours a day.
  • Internet access at the facility or at home.
  • Willingness to develop in the dynamically growing educational industry. 


  • A registered trademark.
  • AMAKids methodological techniques and an ongoing business support.
  • Guidebook – business operations manual.
  • Franchisee launch and development business plan.
  • A guide to finding the best location for your franchise.
  • A comprehensive guide to staff and student recruitment.
  • A comprehensive guide to marketing and advertising.
  • Class starter kit: abacus, textbooks, platform access, preparing two trainers for your centre.
  • Franchisee business growth plan.
  • An AMAKids personal franchise support manager to guide you through the stages of business development.
  • Access to a unified system of accounting and business management.
  • Access to the online platform for the effective education of children.


AMAKids will adapt the offer to suit your financial capabilities and to the degree to which you want to be involved. See the key figures below for a general point of reference. 

  • Franchise license cost is EUR 3,500 - 15,000.
  • Break even point is 4-6 months.
  • Average income is estimated at 5,000 per month.
  • Royalty fee 10%.

Competitive objectives / The first world championships in mental arithmetic, the AMAKids World Cup 2018, was held in Moscow, Russia.

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