education | 2024-05-31

LEGO learning with Edukido

An original educational programme with Lego blocks enabling children to discover the world through LEGO blocks.

An original educational programme with Lego blocks enabling children to discover the world through LEGO blocks.

food and beverage | 2024-05-08

Sweet business

The Fit Cake centers around operating production and sales venues in the form of non-pastry shops, offering products made from the highest quality ingredients - says Rafał Kościuk, Owner of FIT CAKE

consumer services | 2024-04-30

The pet industry

Discover unique pet businesses reshaping the industry.

beauty and fitness | 2024-04-24

Comprehensive beauty services

Martelle is a beauty network that provides a complete range of services.

education | 2024-04-16

Franchise Edu3Dcation

Explore Edu3Dcation franchise opportunities, offering innovative 3D experiences for children.

consumer services | 2024-04-09

Hopp business franchise

Our franchsiees are usually operationally cash-positive from day one and pay off the initial scooter investment in under 20 months - says Eyþór Máni, CEO at Hopp

food and beverage | 2024-02-13

Journey of freshness and innovation

This Czech brand has delighted with fresh juices, smoothies, ice cream, salads, and more. With 80+ locations across five European countries, it's a flavorful experience for all.

education | 2024-02-09

Programming courses on the rise

Coders Lab's franchise concept is highly adaptable to the unique characteristics and educational preferences of each country it operates in – says Grzegorz Morawski, managing director at Coders Lab IT Academy.

food and beverage | 2024-02-02

Baking success across borders

Emerging from a quaint Lviv Croissants to 170+ location. What's the secret to their widespread success?

food and beverage | 2024-01-26

Sweet success story

La Donuteria renowned for crafting, handmade donuts. Is this sweet business lucrative?

education | 2024-01-24

Neurofeedback talents testing in 60 minutes

Verbatoria revolutionizes cognitive assessment via Neurofeedback Talents Testing, using cutting-edge tech and unique tasks. What sets it apart from competitors?

consumer services | 2024-01-09

Innovation laundry revolution

Experience the convenience of self-service laundries at Express Laundry, where innovation meets profitability. Why choose between efficiency and profit when you can have both?

food and beverage | 2023-12-29

Recipe for success in fast food

Poe Poe excels with premium, fresh ingredients and unwavering dedication to affordable fast food excellence. How do they do it?

education | 2023-12-21

Verbatoria: Talent Impact, Family Change

- Beyond financial success, Verbatoria views positively impacting family lives as a crucial element of its brand success – says Kenan Begić, Franchise Manager at Verbatoria.

education | 2023-11-07

Young Engineers: a franchise on a mission

"Anyone who recognizes the beauty of our educational mission is qualified to be a Young Engineers franchisee," says the founder of this American educational concept, Amir Asor.

beauty and fitness | 2023-11-02

Haircuts without the hassle of appointments

Haircut Express is what the company name says. A chain of hairdressers offering haircutting services quickly without the need for making appointments.

education | 2023-08-31

Business with prospects talked to Radosław Kulesza about the Polish “Giganci Programowania”, an education franchise which develops young people’s programming skills.

consumer services | 2023-08-09

Advertising campaign for free

“EXTRA SERVICES” is the only removals franchise network offering a free advertising campaign to its franchisees, says its CEO Radek Straka.

food and beverage | 2023-08-03

Bread from Georgia on the mind

The Georgian bakery chain Puri shows that tradition and modernity can complement each other and provide a successful business mix.