European Expansion / Used Products have over 60 shops across five European countries
Used Products is revolutionizing franchising by seamlessly integrating physical and digital realms. The company offers instant cash for a diverse array of items, and its commitment to individuality, quality, and customer comfort sets it apart as a pioneer in sustainable commerce.

Used Products operates an extensive network of over 60 stores across five European countries. According to Edward Latarau, franchise manager of Used Products – „The company specializes in the purchase, sale, and pawning of smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, game consoles, and games, audio and TV equipment. They also handle transactions involving gold, gold jewelry, or scrap gold, brand watches, designer products, tools, musical instruments, bicycles, scooters, and various other items.”

The unique aspect of Used Products lies in its fusion of physical storefronts and a robust online presence. This dual approach enables the company to adeptly address the varied needs of its customers, delivering efficient service with a wealth of expertise.

The overarching objective is to establish stores that transcend the conventional second-hand shop experience. The aim is to create an ambiance in which the stores resemble high-end retail establishments, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for customers.

Franchise success story

At Used Products, the company proudly presents its franchise model based on the concept of a "soft" franchise - a harmonious blend of uniformity and individuality. The emphasis lies in maintaining consistency in core values and operations across all franchises while recognizing and highlighting the unique qualities each store brings to the table.

Drawing on over 25 years of experience in supporting franchisees, Used Products offers a franchise formula that is not only sustainable but also forward-looking. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction distinguishes Used Products from other second-hand retailers, providing a shopping experience that is truly unparalleled and exceptional.

„A key aspect of Used Products identity is the ability to identify potential savings. We operate like superheroes. For instance, if a franchise location already boasts a quality wooden floor, even if it deviates slightly from the company's usual preference but is in good condition, the decision is made to retain it, resulting in a saving of €8,000. Similarly, discovering a second-hand display cabinet in mint condition for €600 instead of the standard €900 is met with enthusiasm” – said Edward Latarau.

The company underscores that this philosophy is not merely about cost-cutting but revolves around making intelligent investments. By keeping initial expenditures as low as possible, Used Products accelerates the journey to the breakeven point for their franchise partners. This approach ensures that partners start on solid ground, emphasizing sustainable development and financial responsibility from the outset.

Innovative Distinction in Sustainability and Luxury

This company stands out in the market due to its innovative approach to sustainability and luxury. In the dynamic luxury market, adaptability is considered a key factor for success, and this business aligns with that principle by strategically diversifying its product range. The focus is on acquiring and selling items currently in demand to ensure continuous and lasting appeal.

According to Latarau, the distinctive aspect of this company lies in its acknowledgment of a prominent trend wherein an increasing number of individuals are choosing high-quality used items. He contends that engaging in this franchise provides individuals not only with the opportunity to be part of a cultural shift but also presents the prospect of financial rewards.Początek formularza

Latarau said that - "The advantages of franchising include exclusive access to a proven formula, industry expertise, business location support, comprehensive business plan assistance, a dedicated advertising agency, use of the Used Products POS system, a detailed manual, intensive training, a start-up package and a 24/7 Helpdesk. In addition, franchisees receive personalized websites, online stores and web portals with local domain names."

Additionally, the company extends beyond traditional business objectives by aligning with a commitment to environmental responsibility. Through the promotion of item reuse, the company actively contributes to the well-being of the planet. This dual emphasis on sustainability and luxury positions the company as an innovator, offering a unique value proposition in the market. It goes beyond the mere transaction of products, emphasizing participation in a cultural movement, contributing to environmental conservation, and adapting luxury standards in an ever-evolving market.


About Used Products

  • 60+ stores, in 6 countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary)
  • Personal Investment: Typically, a minimum personal capital of €15,000 is desired.
  • Total Investment Range: Depending on the various named factors, the total investment to kick-start a store ranges from €75,000 to €150,000.


Location adaptation / Used Products excels in adaptability, optimizing savings through strategic adjustments.