Success in esports / Friendly Fire's popularity soars as the gaming and esports industry continues to burgeon
Esports is getting super popular, and Friendly Fire is at the forefront. Could this be the future of business?

Friendly Fire is a gaming-centric café, catering to enthusiasts who want to play computer games, connect with fellow gamers, enjoy a cup of coffee, and spend quality time in a unique and welcoming environment. In the rich tapestry of gaming and camaraderie, Friendly Fire proudly stands as an international franchise that seamlessly intertwines the joy of coffee with the fervent passion for gaming. Established in 2017 in the lively city of Zagreb, Croatia, David's creation has expanded to 10 locations across four countries.

As we look ahead to the future, Friendly Fire has ambitious plans, intending to open over 30 new locations by the end of 2024. This expansion is a testament to the widespread appeal of Friendly Fire and its ability to create a vibrant community around the shared love for gaming and the comforting aroma of coffee.

What sets Friendly Fire apart from other franchises is its concept of being an Esports Arena, finely tuned for the Generation Z users who consider gaming an essential facet of their identity. Unlike conventional entertainment activities, the Esports Arena becomes increasingly enjoyable as it attracts more visitors, with an average franchise witnessing over 100 daily visits. The franchise's revenue stream thrives on a combination of services and products, characterized by impressive profit margins. As the gaming and esports industry continues its meteoric rise, the popularity of Friendly Fire is poised to soar to new heights.

According to David Kosir, Founder Friendly Fire – „Friendly Fire stands out due to its community-centric approach and innovative technology, which significantly simplifies the operation of our franchises. Unlike many food-based franchises, Friendly Fire offers a straightforward operational model, requiring fewer employees and less day-to-day management. This ease of operation, combined with our sophisticated software tools, makes Friendly Fire a unique and refreshing option in the franchise market”.

A gateway to success

– „The success of Friendly Fire is primarily due to the vast, untapped potential of the gaming industry, an unsaturated market ripe with opportunity. Gaming is a sector that's expected to continue growing robustly, attracting more participants across all age groups. Another key factor is our exceptional software, which creates a significant gap between typical mom-and-pop gaming cafes and the Friendly Fire franchise. This difference is clear to both customers and operators, making Friendly Fire a more profitable and efficient choice.” – says David Kosir.

The Friendly Fire franchise is actively seeking suitable locations, with an emphasis on establishing a community-driven haven for gamers. The franchise targets densely populated areas with a vibrant youthful demographic, specifically seeking spaces ranging from 100 to 300 m².

The current footprint of Friendly Fire includes owned locations in Austria and Croatia, and the franchise has successfully expanded to Bosnia and Herzegovina, boasting four locations. Comprehensive support is a cornerstone of the Friendly Fire franchise, covering a spectrum of issues, including franchise and business concerns, IT support encompassing both hardware and software, and invaluable marketing assistance. The franchise aids in the meticulous planning and construction phases, even offering equipment rental options to mitigate initial capital expenditures.

System requirements for success

The anticipated initial investment for aspiring Friendly Fire franchisees ranges from €70,000 to €250,000, which includes an initial franchise fee of €15,000. Royalties comprise 10% of the net value of services sold and 3% of the net value of products sold, while marketing fees amount to 3% for global initiatives and 1% for regional efforts.

Friendly Fire establishes basic criteria for potential franchisees, emphasizing a densely populated area with a minimum of 20,000 residents, a space spanning 100 to 300 m², and a demographic that skews towards a youthful population. While not mandatory, proximity to busy locations is considered desirable, with available parking and accessible public transportation as additional assets.

Friendly Fire beckons enterprising individuals to join its franchise network, where the passion for gaming converges with the aromatic allure of coffee, creating an unparalleled experience for gamers worldwide. As the Friendly Fire brand continues to evolve and captivate audiences, the journey promises to be an exciting and rewarding one for all those who embrace the fusion of gaming and coffee culture.

Referring to David – „Investing in a Friendly Fire franchise is a financially sound decision due to the unsaturated nature of the gaming market and the significant financial opportunities it presents. The model is not only proven but also profitable, with a relatively low initial investment. Our innovative software and efficient operational model make running a Friendly Fire franchise a more manageable and lucrative venture compared to other franchise options.”

About Friendly Fire

  • Initial investment: from €70,000 to €250,000
  • Initial franchise fee: €15,000

Dynamic expansion / By the end of 2023, the plan is to open over 30 new locations