food and beverage | 2022-12-05

Bake with Cinnabon

Nordic-inspired treats fresh and direct.

Nordic-inspired treats fresh and direct.

IT, household appliances, electronics | 2022-11-28

Top up your battery

Charge Point keeps you connected on the move.

education | 2022-11-24

Canadian education sweeps the Balkans

- The support we receive and can always count on is key to the worldwide franchise success of Maple Bear - says Ljiljana Nikolova, franchisee of Maple Bear School in Bulgaria.

food and beverage | 2022-11-23

KFC opens a themed London pub

Order fried chicken to your table during the FIFA world cup.

travel and accommodation | 2022-11-15

Mapping the tourism business recovery

- The tourism sector is recovering and the interest in the CityPal is growing - says Željko Gobac, Founder of CityPal.

food and beverage | 2022-11-14

A crêpe love affaire

The French-style pancake franchise that serves food all day.

Europe | 2022-11-08

Burgers in bloom

The vegan burger franchise inspired by the flower power movement.

real estate | 2022-11-04

The Next goal is market strength

"Due to our information system configuration we have fresh data every day," says Petr Zelenka, Director of the Next Reality partner network.

food and beverage | 2022-10-28

Paul Bakery's first UK franchise

Paul has secured their first franchise partner in their UK market expansion.

business services | 2022-10-19

MBE highlights Eastern European potential

"The training and support of our master franchisees is based on 40 years of experience in the business," says Maria Ilicheva, Worldwide Development Supervisor, Mail Boxes Etc.

education | 2022-10-18

The company building self-confident kids

STEMCHIK is a pre-school educational network using LEGO to develop the brain though STEM.

business services | 2022-10-17

This weeks mega Franchise Fair

The 20th annual Warsaw Franchise Fair will be held on October 20-22. Find out which franchise representatives will be on show to talk about their brands.

supermarkets and grocery stores | 2022-10-11

Party in style

- If following our pricing, franchisees can generate a margin of around 65% - says Andrea Nagy, Founder of Party Point.

education | 2022-10-10

LEGO's world of imagination

Everyone in the world knows LEGO. But how did they become such a global phenomenon?

fashion | 2022-10-05

Running on Swiss time

Swatch recently broke the internet with their collaboration with Omega.

Interviews | 2022-10-01

Finding a suitable candidate

The process of selecting a potential franchisee is a double-sided affair. The assessment of compatibility and cooperation possibilities is done by both parties, says PROFIT system consultant, Marek Halfar.

food and beverage | 2022-09-28

New wave potato fries

Surf 'N' Fries reinvention of Belgian fries has people licking their fingers the world over.

food and beverage | 2022-09-27

Doughnut dynasty

From a hole-in-the-wall to a US icon: the Original Glaze story of Krispy Kreme.

food and beverage | 2022-09-23

The secret of Miss Millie’s chicken

The KFC spin off expands in the UK.