Starting the search
Starting the search / Use our helpful tips to find the right franchise in the right place for you
Want to find the right franchisor for you? We’ll give you all the right tips to find what you’re looking for (or didn’t even know existed).
  1. If you’re in a country with an existing franchise market, the first place to investigate is your national franchise association. Here you can link and source important information about a range of franchise members. These organisations bring together a range of franchisors of the region into on convenient one location.
  2. Conduct some of your own ground work. We recommend starting by talking to existing franchisees or commercial or service premises that take your interest. Some of these companies might have already have franchise systems in place – or this could lead to the development of a new franchise concept or offer.
  3. Franchisors still advertise new franchisee opportunities in business magazines and daily newspapers (both digital and traditional formats). You also might find they can be a great resource when brainstorming franchising ideas. Just remember to proceed with caution to avoid scams. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
  4. Contact foreign trade representatives about opportunities. Often these reps negotiate with franchisors from their home countries.
  5. Reach out directly to companies that sell the products or services you are interested in and enquire if there is a franchise system in place. Again, if there is no system – repeated interest could spark a whole new franchise opportunity.  So don’t be afraid.
  6. Stay in the loop with franchise magazines.
  7. Check out the Franchise opportunities catalog on and all our regional portals (use country selection in top right menu of portal).
  8. Keep and eye out at Register as candidate register section on the portal where you can register and receive offers from franchisors by e-mail.

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