A clean and easy business model

A successful business / Mr Jeff became the world's No. 1 Laundry franchise in only 3 years.
Mr Jeff is an innovative, profitable and easy to manage franchise model. It operates in dozens of countries and is looking for partners in Europe.

Created by three friends in Spain, 2015, Mr Jeff has more than 2 million users across 2,400 units in over 40 countries. The success of this effective laundry network is driven by demand for new-world technologies alongside the creation of a unitary home collection and delivery service. Through the Jeff app, customers can select the exact location, day and time a driver comes to pick up dirty laundry. In just 48 hours, the laundry is washed and ironed – delivered back to the customers location of choice.

A modern successful business

Franchise partners should know that Mr Jeff has developed a unique business where modern cons are blended with classic industry using the latest technology and trends. The result is the transformation a classic business into a modern investment – one that has seen recent proven success in many countries around the world. Laundry, which has typically been a classic business system, has been effectively revolutionized by integrating technology in the process of operations. These online and offline advancements have now made this service available and accessible to anyone. Franchisees have a system at their disposal, that offers them everything they need to run their business and achieve their goals.

The smart application and subscription service means partners have a recurring income built into the business model. 

More benefits for customers and partners

Mr Jeff franchisees can take advantage of three patented products:

  • The first of these is the Jeff App - through which customers can schedule services as they wish. 
  • The second product is Jeff Suite - a unique management program designed to meet the needs of the business and serve its development, with features such as billing and P&L (Profit and Loss), in which entrepreneurs can make decisions based on data and parameters such as the number of orders, revenue, services requested, number of subscriptions and active users. 
  • The third product, the Jeff Drivers App, is connected to the first two and aims to manage all time slots and collection and delivery routes.

With extensive experience in the field, the company assures franchisees that their dry-cleaning units will recover investment in a year and a half. The business model, verified in a wide variety of locations, offers a break-even point in the fifth month after the franchise opens. As an incentive for new franchisees, for example in Romania, Jeff offers as a bonus, the franchise fee free of charge for the first year of activity.

Diversified range of customers

Mr. Jeff is now targeting younger, time-wary, professional consumers who are plugged into the virtual world; the same users of applications such as ride-sharing. Mr Jeff also still addresses those who prefer the classic version, which means a physical presence at the laundry to place and pay for an order (even with cash). This concept is called Mr Jeff Store.

The founders of the system believe that the “secret” of their company’s success lies in the partnership model between Mr Jeff and franchisees. They claim their success exists due to their recurring trainings, know-how sharing and their very well-orchestrated online marketing system. All these advantages have made Mr Jeff one of the fastest growing international franchise companies in the world. In addition to ongoing guidance, franchisees have direct access to Jeff Academy: an online training platform that teaches new partners everything they need to know to manage their unit. With so much extensive support and training available, no previous experience in this field is required, however it is preferable to have an entrepreneurial attitude and the desire to succeed in business.

Mr Jeff Business Card 

  • Innovative laundry system, easy to manage and profitable.
  • Franchise units - over 2,400 in over 40 countries.
  • Minimum investment: EUR 27,000. (Includes the EUR 10,000 franchise fee and the complete arrangement of the unit and equipment).

Catering to the savvy and the traditional / Mr Jeff targets consumers connected to the digital world, but also the ones who want to order and pay at the laundry in person with cash.

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